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Weekend Link Love – Edition 246

Before the usual links, some Primal Blueprint Publishing news. First, check this [1] out. The Primal Connection just won the Eric Hoffer award for best self-published book in 2013 [2]!

Second, the recipe for Paleo Pizza from Primal Cravings just got first place in the PaleoNonPaleo Great Paleo Pizza Smackdown [3].

And finally, for those of you who’ve picked up a copy of Primal Cravings, please consider writing a review on Amazon [4]. Eternal gratitude is yours from me and the Keatleys. Thanks in advance!

Research of the Week

In case you needed another reason to have that glass of red wine, a new study [5] suggests that it can help prevent kidney stones.

New isotope studies [6] confirm that right around the time our human ancestors began growing bigger brains they either switched to a diet made up of lots of grass and cellulose, or lots of grass and cellulose-eating ruminants. Guess which one Discover Magazine went with. Guess which one I think is more realistic (and supportive of said bigger brains).

Interesting Blog Posts

How a New Zealand triathlete rendered his formerly severe osteoarthritis nearly nonexistent [7] with a paleo diet rich in bone broth.

Why fire makes us human [8].

Science-based Medicine takes on coconut oil [9]. What do you think of their take?

Media, Schmedia

PopSci “unearths” 8 ridiculous, commonly-held views of nutrition [10]. Prepare yourself for a serious bout of deja-vu.

Boy, we’re really ruffling some feathers, aren’t we? Yet another “debunking [11]” of ancestral health rears its head (and gets summarily shot down in the comment section).

Everything Else

Have a Paleo heart? Mike O’Brien doesn’t at the moment, but he desperately needs – and deserves – one. Consider donating a buck or ten to his fund [12] so that he can afford the heart transplant he needs.

Your brain on coffee [13].

Monsanto is giving up on marketing GMO crops in Europe [14], at least for the time being.

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Jun 9 – Jun 15)

Comment of the Week

I knew listening to loud overbearing Conventional Wisdom could make you go deaf (and dumb)!

Amen [19]!