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Weekend Link Love – Edition 243

Research of the Week

When given a diet based on farmed salmon, lab mice got fatty liver and developed insulin resistance [1] if the salmon was raised on soybean oil.

Eating Splenda (sucralose) has a negative impact on a person’s glucose tolerance [2] in response to subsequent sugar ingestion.

Interesting Blog Posts

Should vegans and paleos stop bickering and join forces? [3]

Media, Schmedia

Dr. Hamilton Stapell, the professor responsible for putting together the 2013 Ancestral Health Survey, discusses the future of paleo in a recent Paleo Magazine podcast [4].

Well-known (former) vegan Alex Jamieson recently started eating meat again after 12 years without, and she’s only had a few death threats. Watch this video [5] of her explaining her decision.

Everything Else

When you examine their brains and circadian rhythms, people suffering from depression look like they’re living in a different time zone [6].

There’s no real benefit [7] – and some apparent actual harm – in sharply cutting one’s salt intake, according to “them.” I fully expect this tentative position of “theirs” to be reversed in a year’s time. Until (and after) then, I’ll keep salting my food to taste.

Looks like Skechers is gonna pay up to $40 million [8] for false claims regarding its ridiculous Shape-up shoes.

Last week, I spoke to Tech Cocktail [9] about a number of topics, including entrepreneurism, Primal living, and alcohol.

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (May 19 – May 25)

Comment of the Week

Moms cleaning pacifiers: Mom spit is the best thing in the universe, the universal solvent. It cleans your cheek, provides lifetime immunity. What can’t it do? Happy Mothers Day to our mothers and all our ancestors!

– Amen to that [14].