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Weekend Link Love – Edition 242

Research of the Week

Kids whose parents sucked their pacifiers to clean them ended up with fewer allergies [1], lower rates of eczema and asthma, and lower levels of a blood marker that indicates the presence of allergies. I figure the squeamish among us can still give the same benefits by sucking it after it’s been cleaned by hand.

Up to 40% of all chronic back pain may be caused by a bacterial infection [2] – and could be cured by antibiotics.

Interesting Blog Posts

What causes elevated LDL particle number? Chris Kresser weighs in [3].

An Amsterdam woman has pledged to document her attempt to live like a cavewoman for 100 days (except for the blogging, photos, and videos, of course). Here are her rules [4]. They’re pretty strict.

Media, Schmedia

“Among endocrinologists, Brown stands almost alone [5] in believing that endurance athletics can induce early onset of a hormonal imbalance called hypothyroidism.”

In some respects, this heeding-the-health-lessons-of-those-who-came-before-us stuff isn’t so new [6].

Everything Else

Plants are, like, talking to each other [7], man.

The secret to one 105 year-old woman’s long life? Bacon [8].

Why parents might want to just leave their kids alone [9].

Researches have identified [10] 23 “ultraconserved words,” or words that have remained largely unchanged for 15,000 years. One – “thou” – even has cognates that appear in all seven Euroasiatic language families.

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (May 12 – May 18)

Comment of the Week

“In chickens, L-proline induced amnesia, while D-proline did not.”

I’d like to know just how you can tell whether an animal as stupid as a chicken has amnesia.

– Ha! Fair question [15].