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Weekend Link Love – Edition 238

Rich Food, Poor Food has hit select Costcos! To commemorate it – and to let Costco know it would behoove them to carry it everywhere – we’re putting on a raffle [7]. Buy a copy from Costco (or any other online or brick-and-mortar store), send in your receipt, and be entered to win some cool prizes.

Research of the Week

The connection between obesity and altitude [8].

Want the blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and blood lipid-related benefits of “cardio” without, well, the tedium and downsides of running? Walking works just as well [9].

It seems chimps are skilled botanists [10].

Interesting Blog Posts

KStar shows [11] you how to properly organize, brace, and then load the spine.

A former vegan explains [12] how veganism caused her and her family’s health issues, and why she feels (and looks) much better with high-quality animal foods in her diet and grains, legumes, and seed oils out of it.

Media, Schmedia

Are we too reliant [13] on prescription meds? Have we become a pill nation?

Chris Masterjohn [14], Chris Kresser [15], and Paul Jaminet [16] also commented on the red meat study.

Everything Else

Pro basketball player goes Primal [17], uses MDA as a transition tool, has lovely ancestral health blogger wife to document it all.

If this [18] is the type of prescription doctors gave their patients in the 19th century, it’s no wonder the Victorians lived so long and so healthily.

Cats are even getting in on paleo [19] these days.

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Apr 14 – Apr 20)

Comment of the Week

“I read that APOE4 is the “ancestral” allele for the APOE genes. It is the risk factor for Alzheimer’s. I find it hard to believe that checking out mentally is in any way desirable”

I try to mentally check out at least once a day! 

Agreed [24]. Checking out mentally for a bit, on a daily basis actually almost made the Ten Primal Laws.