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Weekend Link Love – Edition 227

Research of the Week

New genetic research [1] shows that the ability to digest starch helped mark, in part, the passage from wolves to dogs. This implies nothing about thriving, however, as anyone who’s put their pooch on a grain-free, animal-based diet can attest.

Marion Nestle discusses the study that recently revealed ties [2] between Big Food and Registered Dietitians. I’m disappointed, but certainly not surprised.

Interesting Blog Posts

How the guy from the Art of Manliness doubled his testosterone levels naturally [3] (and you can too).

Paul Jaminet explores why he thinks chicken is the most mediocre of meats [4].

Media, Schmedia

Female readers: interested in giving birth to a Neandertal [5] (or Neanderthal; it’ll be your kid so you can choose the spelling)? A Harvard researcher might be able to make it happen.

World War II era lard recently washed up [6] on a beach in northeast Scotland, still “good enough to have a fry up with.” Talk about a stable fat.

Everything Else

Here are two chances to win a copy of The Primal Connection [7]: One over at PaleoNonPaleo [8] where Alison has also reviewed my new book, and another at Balanced Bites [9] where you can listen to a podcast interview with yours truly.

With the Superbowl coming up, lots of Primal eaters are wondering about game-day recipes that fit the lifestyle. Look no further than Marla Sarris’ Pigskin Paleo [10]a great new paleo cookbook designed entirely around recipes you’ll want to eat and serve on the day of the big game (or any day of the week, really). To get an idea of what to expect, check out her recipe blog [11].

An easy, low-tech way to vacuum seal food [12].

Vice Magazine recently met a guy who’s been injecting himself with snake venom for over 20 years. Here’s the video [13] they made of the Venom Superman (warning: not quite safe for work).

We made Greatist’s Top 60 Health and Fitness Blogs to read in 2013 [14].

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Jan 27 – Feb 2)

Comment of the Week

The next post on co-sleeping should be about cats and dogs. I find it incredibly comforting to sleep with our cat right up to when he is co-sleeping on my head while chewing on my hair or licking my eye.

– Maybe, Juli [19]. I’ll look into it. I certainly do love the feel of a sandpaper cat tongue against my cornea.