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Weekend Link Love – Edition 226

We’ve got a few more open spots left at the Primal Transformation Seminar and Cooking Class [1] next Sunday in Phoenix, AZ. Sign up and learn how to live, eat, and move from Brad Kearns and Tara Grant, and how to cook from Chef Rachel.

Because of popular demand, we’ve opened up new dates for the Primal Blueprint Luxury Retreat [2]. If you’re interested in being Primally pampered on May 16-19, 2013, sign up by February 1 for the special early bird price.

The American Gut [3] project is nearing its final push. Consider donating, so that we can all benefit from more knowledge about how the gut microbiome affects health and responds to lifestyle. You can also test the gut ecology of your dog, and who doesn’t want to know that information?

If you’ve ever wanted to try something from Steve’s Original [4] paleo products (or you’re running low on your stash), now’s your chance: Steve has prepared a special free-shipping promo code for MDA readers. The code is “marksdailyapple” and will expire on January 27th. Check the store [5] to see what looks good.

Research of the Week

Nutrition researchers are finally realizing [6] that “food synergy” – the metabolic interaction between micronutrient constituents of whole foods – must be considered when conducting dietary studies and interpreting studies of isolated nutrients.

Fingers that wrinkle when wet have an evolutionarily-preserved purpose, after all: it makes handling wet objects much, much easier [7].

Interesting Blog Posts

The Whole 9 blog digs into the sordid, murky, curly-tailed world(s) of pig farming [8].

Media, Schmedia

Everything you know (well, probably not you guys as much as everyone else) about fitness is a lie [9].

It seems quinoa isn’t so harmless after all [10]. Can a person truly care about the welfare of all animals if he or she ignores the effects it has on one prominent member of the mammalian family – humans?

Everything Else

The denizens of Portlandia try their hands [11] at pasta restriction.

Well, well, well – would you look how the most recent Miss America winner got in shape? Lifting heavy things [12] (with a bit of dancing). Also note the immense bulk and incredible vascularity.

Some guy with a new book out gave a podcast interview over at Abel Bascom’s The Fat-Burning Man Show [13].

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Jan 20 – Jan 26)

Comment of the Week

Back in the Boy Scouts we called it “camp salt”.

– I like it [18], captain mike! Camp salt would be a pretty decent probiotic supplement, I bet. I’ve always had different hygiene standards when camping. Food that falls on the ground, knives that don’t get completely washed, hands that get wiped off on the edges of picnic tables – that’s “camping clean,” and it’s good enough.