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Weekend Link Love – Edition 224

Research of the Week

Another reason to work out in nature: training outdoors in an urban (read: polluted) environment elicits fewer cognitive improvements [1] than training in a rural (read: fresh air-abundant) environment.

Selecting for big-brained guppies subsequently reduced gut and litter size [2] (yes, I know that fish don’t technically have “litters,” but you know what I mean), appearing to confirm the expensive tissue hypothesis and mirroring what happened to big-brained hominids (Duggar family notwithstanding).

Interesting Blog Posts

Dr. Emily Deans explores the difference – in your brain – between drinking fructose and drinking glucose [3].

Media, Schmedia

Some caveman diet guy sat down [4] with Los Angeles Magazine to talk about mastodon ribeyes, loincloths, and Channing Tatum (or is it Tanning Chatum?).

Can chronic, low-level lead exposure explain the varying rates of crime [5]? Yeah, yeah, correlation does not equal causation, but an extremely plausible mechanism (lead adversely affects the brain) exists to potentially explain the astonishing levels of correlation.

Everything Else

Cavemen’s cave paintings were better at depicting correct quadruped ambulation [6] than modern artists.

As of this typing, CJ Hunt’s The Perfect Human Diet [7] is the sixth most rented [8] and ninth most purchased [9] movie on iTunes. It’s the number 1 documentary, too. Let’s see if we can push this baby up to number 1 overall!

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Jan 6 – Jan 12)

Comment of the Week

I had a lamb tongue stew in Belgium once. It was delicious! I called it Silence of the Lamb stew.

– That’s [14]… that’s absolutely genius. I approve.