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Weekend Link Love – Edition 221

Research of the Week

New data [1] reveals that eating fewer, larger meals is “more advantageous metabolically” for obese women than eating smaller meals more frequently throughout the day. Another dearly-held nutrition myth edges ever closer to chomping down on powdered particles of earth and waste matter.

UC Berkeley researchers just found [2] a new gene that encodes for de novo lipogenesis, or the conversion of carbs to fat. There’s talk of drugs targeting this genetic pathway, of course, or you could always take matters into your own hands and just limit carbs (FDA approval not required, yet).

Interesting Blog Posts

Leo Babauta wrote a quick little guide [3] on removing holiday clutter. I find that clearing out the physical clutter in your life has a positive correlation with the disappearance of mental clutter, and I don’t need a randomized control trial to tell me that causation is involved here.

Over at Paleo NonPaleo, a large swath of the Primal/paleo world (including yours truly) was interviewed about their holiday advice and predictions for the new year. Go check it out [4].

Anyone remember having a pen pal? If you have, you’ll love Paleo Pen Pals [5]. If you’re scratching your head in confusion, this post [6] will bring you up to speed (and you’ll love it, too).

Media, Schmedia

More and more people are getting hip to the perniciousness of modern wheat and shifting toward ancient heirloom grains [7] like einkorn. Might I suggest they take a few more steps, ditch grains altogether, and start eating like the real ancients?

Or we can simply wait for global climate change to take care of wheat for us [8].

Guess what got voted one of the worst dieting trends of 2012 [9]? We must be doing something right.

Everything Else

Archaeologists found evidence (special clay pots) that people were making cheese [10] as early as 7,000 years ago. The process hasn’t changed much, researchers say, although I don’t think ancient Northern Europeans were making Velveeta or Kraft singles.

This [11] will seem familiar to many of you, I’d imagine.

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Dec 16 – Dec 22)

Comment of the Week

So glad to see the hipsters are hunting now. In fact my husband said he spotted a few in Oregon on his elk hunting trip. I suggested to him that we should start a line of camouflage skinny jeans. I know… Brilliant!

– Brilliant idea, Trinity [16]. Go for it.