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Weekend Link Love – Edition 220

The response to Primal Blueprint Healthy Sauces, Dressings & Toppings [1] has been fantastic, but I have one more small favor to ask. If you’ve received your copy, I would be forever grateful if you were to take a few minutes to write a quick (or long) review on Amazon [1] and/or Barnes and Noble [2] so that we can spread the word and progress the movement even further. Thank you!

Research of the Week

Outgoing gorillas consistently outlive shy gorillas [3].

Adding fish oil [4] to the diets of bed-ridden patients improved their immune systems and streamlined the inflammatory/healing process enough to reduce the time it took for their bed sores to heal by 25%.

Interesting Blog Posts

In case you’ve been wondering about the latest fat-busting craze to sweep the Primal world, Richard Nikoley breaks down the basics [5] of the potato diet hack in inimitable fashion.

Over at Better Movement, Todd Hargrove compares [6] the flawless running form of a slow-motion cheetah with the form of elite 10k meter runners. Man, check out how steady that cheetah’s head is as it lopes effortlessly across the grass. Nuts.

Media, Schmedia

That wasn’t a grizzly bear you heard out in the woods last weekend; it was Grizzly Bear [7]. Yes, folks, it’s true: the hipsters have taken up hunting [8].

Even NASA astronauts are getting hip to the effects of blue light on our sleep and melatonin production. In response to rampant insomnia among spacefarers despite access to relaxation techniques, expert sleep hygiene, and the best sleep pills money can buy, NASA is dropping $11 million [9] to revamp the lights in the US portion of the International Space Station.

Everything Else

I sure do wish we had a Toilet Culture park [10] here in Southern California. Ah well, another reason to visit Korea.

This [11] is what you’re “missing” by eating Primal. Jealous? I didn’t think so.

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Dec 9 – Dec 15)

Image of the Week

Perhaps they can genetically modify wheat to remove the wheat.

– I’d definitely be up for eating that, whistler [16]. Bring it on.