Weekend Link Love – Edition 218

Research of the Week

A new study pushes the actual reveal of the first stone-tipped spear back to 500,000 years ago (pushing it back from 300,000 years ago), right around the time our ancestors enjoyed their massive expansion in brain size. Coincidence? Perhaps, perhaps not.

Are some of the benefits of fish oil (and perhaps other PUFAs, even oxidized ones) explained by hormesis?

Interesting Blog Posts

If you’ve ever wanted to eat dairy (but have issues with tolerating the lactose), check out Chris Kresser’s latest post on how to cure lactose intolerance.

Sweat Science shows how positive feedback isn’t just empty praise; it actually helps you learn and makes training whatever’s being praised more effective.

Media, Schmedia

Did you know that, as a meat-eater, you are predisposed toward lying, cheating, and committing sex crimes? It’s true.

Demand for grass-fed meat is growing. I wonder if grass-fed beef causes more or fewer sex crimes than corn-fed beef.

Everything Else

If you’ve ever wondered just how much vitamin D you’re getting from the sun, here’s a very handy calculator that factors in time of day, time of year, elevation, location, and other variables.

It’s always the bacon, isn’t it?

Speaking of bacon, a Chinese hog farmer is convinced that giving his animals access to a high-dive over a pond makes for better meat. It’s unclear whether or not tossing your bacon in the pool will elicit similar results.

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (November 25 ? Dec 1)

  • Flatulence: Foes and Fixes ? Why you’re farting so much and how to fix it. The only problem with fixing your flatulence is that now you have to figure out how to be funny.
  • How to Eat More Fat ? Most people aren’t that cool with spooning pure fat into their mouths. Here’s how to incorporate it into your diet in an enjoyable manner.

Email of the Week

?Is it poison, or is it a gift??

?Gift? is the German word for ?poison.? Ach?

 Inadvertent (or is it?) wisdom is the best wisdom.

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