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Weekend Link Love – Edition 214

Research of the Week

The best playground is the one nature provided, new research [1] is suggesting. Amen.

Rats whose grandmothers smoked (er, received a nicotine dose) during their pregnancy were at a higher risk of having asthma [2], even though their parents did not receive any nicotine. Epigenetics – powerful stuff, eh?

Interesting Blog Posts

Frank Forencich makes the case for “wicked smarts [3]” in a complex world fraught with wicked problems.

The Whole 9 crew talks about a largely unknown, if not uncommon, disorder: stress addiction [4].

Media, Schmedia

The videos [5] from Ancestral Health Symposium 2012 are beginning to roll out. Be sure to keep checking for new arrivals in the coming weeks.

Gary Taubes recently did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit [6]. Though it’s too late to ask questions and receive answers from the man, you can see what others asked and how he answered.

Everything Else

For the past few weeks, Coconut Chocolate Primal Fuel [7] has been out of stock due to high demand. If you were waiting for its return to order, it’s now available. To anyone who ordered in the past few weeks, your shipment is on its way!

Imagine how far along we’d be if we time traveled back to the time of Lucy [8] and dropped off a case of these [9].

I haven’t read it, but if Stefani Ruper‘s past work on women’s issues is any indication, I’d expect PCOS Unlocked: The Manual [10] to be extremely helpful.

Because regardless of how Primal we may be, we still want to smell nice: Primal Pit Paste [11].

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (November 4 – November 10)

Email of the Week

Greetings Mark,

Decided to get into the fall spirit with a pumpkin carving. I look forward to spreading the word to curious trick or treaters this year – here’s to hoping my investment of 85% dark chocolate is worth it!