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4 Nov

Weekend Link Love – Edition 214

Research of the Week

The best playground is the one nature provided, new research is suggesting. Amen.

Rats whose grandmothers smoked (er, received a nicotine dose) during their pregnancy were at a higher risk of having asthma, even though their parents did not receive any nicotine. Epigenetics – powerful stuff, eh?

Interesting Blog Posts

Frank Forencich makes the case for “wicked smarts” in a complex world fraught with wicked problems.

The Whole 9 crew talks about a largely unknown, if not uncommon, disorder: stress addiction.

Media, Schmedia

The videos from Ancestral Health Symposium 2012 are beginning to roll out. Be sure to keep checking for new arrivals in the coming weeks.

Gary Taubes recently did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit. Though it’s too late to ask questions and receive answers from the man, you can see what others asked and how he answered.

Everything Else

For the past few weeks, Coconut Chocolate Primal Fuel has been out of stock due to high demand. If you were waiting for its return to order, it’s now available. To anyone who ordered in the past few weeks, your shipment is on its way!

Imagine how far along we’d be if we time traveled back to the time of Lucy and dropped off a case of these.

I haven’t read it, but if Stefani Ruper‘s past work on women’s issues is any indication, I’d expect PCOS Unlocked: The Manual to be extremely helpful.

Because regardless of how Primal we may be, we still want to smell nice: Primal Pit Paste.

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (November 4 – November 10)

Email of the Week

Greetings Mark,

Decided to get into the fall spirit with a pumpkin carving. I look forward to spreading the word to curious trick or treaters this year – here’s to hoping my investment of 85% dark chocolate is worth it!


You want comments? We got comments:

Imagine you’re George Clooney. Take a moment to admire your grooming and wit. Okay, now imagine someone walks up to you and asks, “What’s your name?” You say, “I’m George Clooney.” Or maybe you say, “I’m the Clooninator!” You don’t say “I’m George of George Clooney Sells Movies Blog” and you certainly don’t say, “I’m Clooney Weight Loss Plan”. So while spam is technically meat, it ain’t anywhere near Primal. Please nickname yourself something your friends would call you.

  1. Read the stress addiction piece on the Whole9 – really struck a chord. Need to remember to chill out and not get stuck in gerbil-wheel “gotta eat perfect food, gotta work like a dog, gotta get a workout every day” mode. Life is short. Don’t forget the joy factor.

    Gydle wrote on November 4th, 2012
    • The stress addiction article really struck a cord with me too. I am a little too obsessed with eating clean and exercising. I don’t feel that I am stressed out at all, in fact I am extremely happy so I don’t think I have taken it too far. Once I drop a few more pounds I’ll cut back my exercise a little to only an hour a day.

      Wayne wrote on November 4th, 2012
      • I read the stress artical with interest, one of the comments below it suggested taking the test. So I did. my age was predicted higher than my actual age. Why? One of the reasons was the lack of Healthy Whole Grains…

        Lin wrote on November 5th, 2012
        • My grandma seems to eat a lot of grains and pea soup, sits around knitting or watching TV a lot, and drinks lots of martinis.
          She regularly goes for walks for maybe a couple hours and does a lot of gardening. She hangs her laundry on a clothesline instead of using a drier and washes dishes by hand… very fast. She stays in regular contact with lots of the family and makes awesome dinners.. if I ever went to one again I just might indulge in a few of her tea biscuits.. and after the dinners she drinks coffee or tea. She’s in her 80s. She takes quite a few pills (prescriptions and I think vitamins) but seems to be in decent health. I hear she got drunk a lot when she was younger. She grew up on a farm.

          Animanarchy wrote on November 5th, 2012
    • what if you need all that just to be stress free? 😉

      JP wrote on November 5th, 2012
  2. I think I will check out that primal pitt paste :)

    doghug wrote on November 4th, 2012
    • Make it yourself! Put bicarb in a pot, add oil (I use avocado) and essential oil if you want (eg. tea tree) and a bit of cornflour or arrowroot (as a buffer) and mix to make a paste. You might need to add a bit more bicarb or oil to get the consistency right, but it’s the same thing.

      Fi wrote on November 4th, 2012
      • I just use bicarb. It works great. You have to make sure you get the kind without aluminium, though. Poisionous.

        gruntle wrote on November 5th, 2012
      • Whoa. Your abs are like twice or thrice as good as mine and I’m a 22.5 year old guy.

        Animanarchy wrote on November 5th, 2012
    • my wife uses coconut oil baking soda corn starch and natural oil (frankincense)

      lockard wrote on November 5th, 2012
    • When I was just a young kid I went to a mini castle replica tour, may have been Casa Loma which was fun – I’ve been to two plus Medieval Times – or maybe it was the Renaissance Festival… and was told by someone there that in medieval times the wealthy rubbed lemons on their armpits for deoderant. I haven’t tried it but when I lived with my parents and finished burning herbs they disapproved of and got resin on my fingers I used to eat an orange and rub the inside of the peels and some of the juice on my fingers to cover up the burnt smell. The citrus worked better than washing with handsoap.

      Animanarchy wrote on November 5th, 2012
  3. Would love to see the Primal blue wristbands on sale.

    Mark wrote on November 4th, 2012
    • I’d love to see that pumpkin for sale, amazing carving skills Andrew!

      Patrice wrote on November 5th, 2012
  4. “Twice-baked roasted butternut squash purée: because roasting and then baking just once simply isn’t sufficient.”

    This reminds me of an old joke about refried beans: If it’s worth frying, it’s worth frying twice.

    Keith wrote on November 4th, 2012
  5. Nicotine is a methyl acceptor (it has a pyridine structure, pyridine is used for demethylation in chemistry, nicotinamide can inhibit methylation at high doses), this would help account for the epigenetic effects.

    Anon wrote on November 4th, 2012
  6. Mark, Thanks for posting the AMA.

    Luke DePron wrote on November 4th, 2012
  7. OMG!! I love that pumpkin carving!! BTW, my parents were both heavy smokers at 1 – 2 packs a day (my mum gave up cold turkey a little over a year ago – yay!) and all of their grandchildren have asthma…

    Kitty =^..^= wrote on November 4th, 2012
    • My Granddad was a smoker for something like 40 years.. and a secret smoker after that (after he died we found a pack of cigarettes hidden in his garage) and my mom has asthma and used to have cancer.. though she also did chronic cardio for a very long time,and was on her school’s swim team, I assume swimming in a chlorinated pool, which may explain the asthma. There’s some other health problems in my family like diabetes. I seem to be lucky so far, but my addictive personality might be partially explained by family history. If you plan to have kids don’t mess around.

      Animanarchy wrote on November 5th, 2012
  8. Re “the best playground”: Yes, I believe that. We live nearby a lake and hilly landscape covered with forest north of Copenhagen (DK). We hike and play there almost everyday and bring our very young kids so they can also participate even though they’re only toddlers. If we used this area only for jogging or walking the dog as many like doing, it would quickly get boring. But since part of this forest is also used for logging, there are PLENTY of great material lying around to play “primal”: lifting heavy logs, building rough huts with all the branches that litter the ground, running after each other between the trees, experimenting with “spear” throwing (long wood sticks), walking on large trunks for gaining balance, etc. Some people look at us with funny expressions but others seem like very tempted to do the same. I believe we give our kids a good example. And the food we bring with us is of course primal but to be honest,it’s mostly for the kids because we grown-ups are seldom hungry during these activities and feel even more energy after the “workouts” :)

    James wrote on November 4th, 2012
  9. whoa that jack o lantern kicks ass!!

    mars wrote on November 4th, 2012
  10. I am a devoted follower of primal, and I hate to nitpick when you all are doing such great work here. But I am an archaeologist and do get tired of misused chronology and terminology when people talk about ‘cave men’ in this business.

    Early hominids like Lucy (Australopithecus afarensis) are ancestral to the genus Homo. This means we share a common ancestor – not direct lineage. Lucy lived over 3 million years ago – she was not a ‘cave (wo)man’; she was not human.

    While early hominids did use stone tools around 2 million years ago, their tools were very crude. Search for Oldowan tools and you can see they are simple chipped stone forms.

    The beautiful little tools shown in the link are fashioned after Acheulean tools. These are the tools of early Homo (and others), but still not modern H. sapiens, and they date at the earliest to around 1 1/2 million years ago… These early dudes are cave men of a sort – but technically we do not see Homo sapiens until the Middle Paleolithic, about 200k years ago.

    I urge everyone who follows primal to find a good primer on biological anthropology and read up. Please pay special attention to the principles of evolutionary science: notably that we share a common ancestor – not direct lineage – with all hominids save Homo sapiens.

    Jen wrote on November 5th, 2012
  11. If stress addicts are the same as adrenalin junkies, then you’ll most likely find large numbers of them in trauma centers and ERs. There may be a few riding in ambulances too.

    They can also be found on our front lines.

    Wenchypoo wrote on November 5th, 2012
  12. I make my own natural deoderant which works great, my recipe is:

    Baking soda (1-2 tablespoons)
    Coconut oil (1-2 tablespoons)
    Magnesium oil (about 20 drops)
    a few drops of tea tree oil

    Quantities are an estimate, I just used enough of each to make a paste.

    The magnesium oil seems to be a key ingredient for me, I’ve made a version without it and while it was still very good, it was a bit less effective.

    This keeps me odourless all day, even after a full day at work and a workout. I’ve been using this every day for about a year and think I actually sweat less now than I did when I used the chemical stuff.

    I presume the baking soda I buy (Dr Oetker) is aluminium free, but I better check that!

    I’ve also heard that milk of magnesia and zinc oxide cream make good natural deoderants if baking soda is too irritating.

    Bonita wrote on November 5th, 2012
  13. Maybe I can just relate to some of these articles but I get the feeling that they’re written about my reckless, intermittently euphoric, yet totally not sustainable and wise lifestyle.
    At least sleeping under a bridge by a river and consequently experiencing biphasic, triphsasic, etc. sleep and waking up feeling like I’ve got mild hypothermia counts as being in nature’s playground. (That’s probably the red whine talking). Bah!

    Animanarchy wrote on November 5th, 2012
    • Especially the Lies We Tell Ourselves article.. it reminds me of my teachers showing me favour by letting me do brief interviews intsead of writing essays, handing assignments in late, making jokes how “he must have been on some sort of drug!” when I got the second highest mark on a test even though I was accidentally walking into desks the day of the test, questioning me once and then leaving it at that because I left class for a “washroom break” every day to jog to the pharmacy and back a few minutes after it opened, but the writing was just so creative, so why hassle???

      Animanarchy wrote on November 5th, 2012
      • Though on the plus side I go by how I look lately instead of treating myself like one of William Olney’s rats – if I appear vibrant when I’m warm and rested, I assume I’m doing alright, and I’ve greatly cut back on unhealthy habits.

        Animanarchy wrote on November 5th, 2012
  14. That’s the best Grok-o-lantern I’ve ever seen.

    Animanarchy wrote on November 5th, 2012
    • Hey, maybe I can steal some pumpkins off people’s porches after they fall asleep! It certainly worked with watermelons outside of the grocery store. I made my own ski-mask and biked by with a cloth shopping bag, snagged two, and booked it.

      Animanarchy wrote on November 5th, 2012
      • Afterwards I called myself “The Watermelon Bandit”.

        Animanarchy wrote on November 5th, 2012
  15. If you like facts like this- I highly recommend reading Deep Nutrition, fascinating stuff, our genes are so smart!!

    D wrote on November 12th, 2012

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