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Weekend Link Love – Edition 213

Posted By Mark Sisson On October 28, 2012 @ 8:00 am In Weekend Link Love | 37 Comments

Research of the Week

Contrary to what science reporting typically says, a new study [7] finds daily multivitamin use to be slightly protective against cancer in men.

It’s confirmed: meat and eggs from soy-fed chickens contain soy isoflavones [8]. The title of the article – “Soy protein present in egg yolks and chicken tissues” – isn’t quite accurate, but soy isoflavones are often phytoestrogens and thus somewhat concerning.

Boys are reaching puberty younger than ever before, a new study [9] shows, but “it’s unclear why.” Perhaps the phytoestrogens from soy-fed chicken products are involved?

Interesting Blog Posts

Dr. Emily Deans explores whether physically preventing someone from scowling (with Botox) can help with real depression [10].

The SockDoc has an interesting perspective [11] on doping in sports… and in regular life.

Media, Schmedia

On a diet of “milk, butter, and almonds,” 96-year old Ramjeet Raghav is the world’s oldest new father [12], will “go on all night” when asked by his wife, and thinks “it’s very important that a husband and wife have sex regularly.” I like this guy.

We “feel alone together [13],” despite – or, perhaps, because of – constant digital contact. What do you think?

Alternatively, you could always hire someone to slap you [14] every time you began to frivolously check your phone or Facebook account.

Everything Else

Bet you’ve never done a virtual vertical hill climb challenge. Bet you don’t even know what that is [15]. Registration is now closed for Hilloween II, but you can still challenge yourself to a hill climb. And stay tuned for Hilloween III next year.

Eleven top athletes share their favorite meals [16], some of which are pretty Primal-friendly.

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (October 28 – November 3)

Comment of the Week

If I had to go to all the trouble that Worker Bee goes through when drinking… I’d quit.

– Ha! Maybe that’s the point of it all, Peter [21].

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