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Weekend Link Love – Edition 212

Research of the Week

A recent study [1] found that seniors over the age of 70 who ate high-carb diets had four times the risk of Alzheimer’s disease as seniors who ate more fat and protein.

Can yoga help kids with autism [2]? It certainly seems to improve their symptoms when performed daily in a classroom setting.

Interesting Blog Posts

We all know that Paula Deen-esque “southern food” is nigh-on self destructive, but what about real, traditional southern food [3]?

Are we getting fatter simply because we’re living long enough to get to that point? Ned Kock wonders aloud [4].

Media, Schmedia

What really happened [5] to those Coca-Cola polar bears.

If you live in Newport Beach, you can rest easy knowing that local school administrators have taken a “No Tolerance” approach to the deadly scourge ravaging our youth known as kombucha [6].

Everything Else

Nine supermarket secrets [7] your grocer won’t tell you (willingly).

On his latest podcast episode, Chris Kresser spoke with Dr. Nicholas Ralston – an expert in the relationship between mercury and selenium in seafood – about whether we should be worried about mercury in the fish we eat. If you can’t listen to the entire podcast, the transcript is available in the blog post [8]. It’s a good one.

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (October 21 – October 27)

Comment of the Week

More than a grain of truth that it’s not wheat-berry good for you!

– Now those are some shameless puns [13] that were clearly intended, Groktimus Primal [14].