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Weekend Link Love – Edition 207

Research of the Week

Triclosan, a common hand sanitizer, may impair muscle contractions [1]. With triclosan showing up in human blood, milk, and urine, plus many of the waterways we use for public water, this isn’t very good news.

An ag-scientist takes a closer look at the Stanford study on organic and conventional produce (PDF [2]) and comes to a slightly different conclusion than the original authors.

Interesting Blog Posts

Paleolithic MD required very few words to erect this powerful defense of Paleo [3].

What to do about shin splints [4].

Media, Schmedia

Whatever your opinion of his foreign and domestic policies, President Obama has a pretty effective policy on the amount of time his kids can spend glued to a screen [5].

Dr. Peter Attia and Gary Taubes have just launched NuSI [6], the Nutrition Science Initiative. The question at hand is “Can we trust anything we think we know about nutrition?” and NuSI aims to answer that by sponsoring extensive independent research, unencumbered by official policy, lobbyists, and entrenched interests. I can’t wait to see what they – and we – learn.

Everything Else

PrimalCon 2013 [7] is officially SOLD OUT. Tickets went super fast this year, selling out in a matter of a weeks. If you’d like to be added to the waiting list call 888-774-6259.

Ever try the long-discontinued Schlitz beer with “Sunshine Vitamin D” [8]? I imagine the elites in the upper echelons of the Vitamin D Council have hoarded cases of the stuff and break it out for their secret meetings.

Man, can you imagine the polyphenol content of this stuff [9]? If only it were edible.

Finally, someone’s come up with a good use for wheat [10].

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (September 17 – September 23)

Comment of the Week

Hey Mark- grape drink and purple stuff are the same thing… 

– Siren, I know this, but I had to include both to make sure everyone knew what I was talking about. Plus, as DarcieG [16] put it,

Pretty sure “purple stuff” was a reference to a Sunny Delight commercial. 

-Yep. Those Sunny D commercials are iconic.