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Weekend Link Love – Edition 205

Research of the Week

Caloric restriction has been shown to increase longevity in worms, fruit flies, and certain strains of mice, but new research shows that this is not the case for rhesus monkeys [1]. Here’s the link to the study [2].

Everyone’s always known that babies are incredibly nutritious, but they take too long to grow (plus, it’s illegal). A recent study shows [3] that microgreens – young tender week-old baby greens from spinach, pea, beet, and purple mustard (just to name the specific greens in the study) – contain more vitamins and phytonutrients than their adult versions. Plus, they’re easy and quick to grow at home [4].

People who engaged in moderate aerobic exercise – walking and slow jogging (at a 10 or 11 minute mile pace) – lived longer [5] than people who engaged in intense endurance exercise and people who engaged in none at all.

Interesting Blog Posts

Frank Forencich wrote a highly opinionated opinion piece [6] about the sometimes bitterly opposed opinions we hold on health and nutrition. What do you think?

Nom Nom Paleo just finished a 5-part series on packing healthy lunches for kids that kids will actually eat. If you want your kids to hold a strong bartering chip (that’s not actually a chip) in the lunchtime economy, check out the series, starting with part 1 [7].

Media, Schmedia

This is the beginning of the end: CrossFit got mentioned on TMZ [8].

Jimmy Moore reveals that his reader poll reveals that, for whatever reason, his readership considers me to be a pretty trustworthy source [9] of information. Thanks, Jimmy and readers!

Everything Else

Our story in two minutes. [10]

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (September 2 – September 8)

Comment of the Week

Two of us, the two I think were most enthusiastic about climbing the tree up to a platform someone had built, discussed as we were climbing how we felt like the tree was helping us climb and that we felt connected to its spirit and through it, the living earth below. We ended up hugging the tree on the platform. Climbing down I did some *slightly* risky maneuvers that probably required a lot of energy but it felt practically effortless and very smooth like the tree was controlling me and all I had to do was go with its flow. And I was bare foot for all this, which added to the experience. It definitely made me feel more grounded.

– Now that’s how you cultivate intermittent euphoria, Animanarchy [16].