Weekend Link Love – Edition 202

Research of the Week

A new clinical entity emerges from the depths of a double-blind placebo-controlled trial: non-celiac wheat sensitivity.

Athletes who have to cross five or more time zones to compete are two to three times more likely to get sick. You mean engaging in intensely stressful physical exertion after throwing your circadian rhythms out of whack… isn’t good for you? I bet the same thing applies to frequent travelers flying halfway across the world for intense business meetings.

Interesting Blog Posts

Since the Ancestral Health Symposium was in full swing this weekend, there wasn’t much going on in blogland. But you can always follow the #AHS12 hashtag road back on Twitter to see what highlights you were missing.

Right after writing an entire blog post devoted to how the meat-eating ancestors of Homo sapiens beat out the vegetarian Paranthropus because of the former’s tendency toward animal-eating, a Scientific American blogger recommends that we eat like the extinct plant eaters. Huh?

Media, Schmedia

Caveman diabetic blogger Steve Cooksey‘s legal battle against the North Carolina Board of Dietetics/Nutrition, which I profiled a couple months ago, is heating up. The NY Times reports.

The BBC covers a topic that we’re all quite familiar with – intermittent fasting – by tracking some nutjob journalist who they somehow conned into trying the outlandish regimen. Find out if he survives the harrowing experience.

Everything Else

I’m not usually a fan of the whole “xx years young” thing, but this 90-year old pole vaulting world champion certainly deserves it. Check out Dr. William Bell’s attempt at breaking his own world record. And how about that grin at the end? That’s the smile from a man with very few regrets.

Area man Black and Decker’s his hamstrings, breaks deadlift PR. What do you think, guys? Gonna toss out your foam rollers and sports masseuses?

Recipe Corner

  • Everyone’s all about omelets, but where’s the love for a good scramble? Here’s a new way to do it.
  • Mild panang curry paste (add heat as desired). Man, I really need to get back to Thailand.

Time Capsule

One year ago (Aug 12 – August 18)

Comment of the Week

My 9 year old daughter knows the word postprandial now. I say, after a big dinner… “It’s so lovely and light out.” “Yeah Mama, time for our postprandial walk.” We just mosey for a half hour.

– That’s the cutest thing I’ve ever heard, Joy Beer. Your writing kinda reminds me of Jack Kerouac’s.

About the Author

Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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  1. GAWD those scrambled eggs look gorgeous! Will attempt to recreate as soon as I get my hands on some good quality caviar!

  2. I’ve been using a heated up ball peen hammer for years to loosen tight muscles, but that black and decker buffer really ups the ante. I’m going to have to get one of those. Thanks Mark!

      1. I see an A.R.T. practitioner to help recondition my muscles after chronic overuse (Pavel’s Power To The People program + rockclimbing) and it looks like it might have a similar effect. (It’s my understanding that) With overuse, your muscle sometimes heals improperly, forming “scar tissue” which makes things rigid and not want to release, which is bad news for athletes. Breaking up the scar tissue so that the problematic muscle can move properly again helps regain lost performance. If you have big problems with lots of pain, I’d say go see an A.R.T guy (relatively expensive but definitely worth it imo). For minor issues and maintenance (keeping scar tissue from building up), this looks great. I wonder if I can purchase something like this in Japan…

  3. He’s attempting to break that record at 7’2″, while not breaking his hip…

    All kidding aside, a 90 yr old doing any sport is amazing.

    I do wonder how many competitors are in his age group though. When I was in high school (2000+ students, 10-12 grade) there was only 1 pole vaulter. Other schools had zero so he would win by default.

  4. The link to the Times article is really sad. Very sad if it is true.

  5. Another method to make supercreamy scrambled eggs is to use the latte milk wand thingy (which might be getting a bit of neglect in some primal households)on your espresso machine if you have one. Just crack the eggs into a jug, whisk with some pepper and anything else you want to throw in and then insert and turn on the foamer wand thingy. keep the eggs moving and you’ll get epic fluffy creamy eggs….

    1. “latte milk wand thingy (which might be getting a bit of neglect in some primal households)”

      You know you can use that thingy to foam coconut milk, yes? A double shot of espresso topped with some foamed coconut milk (aka “cococcino”) is a delicious way to start the day.

  6. The athlete jet lag piece is definitely true. Having played countless baseball games in different time zones, I can definitely attest to this. My performance goes down. Its weird though, even if I get plenty of sleep, something is still out of whack and my athletic performance suffers from it.

  7. Rich, pampered sissies are trying to get the Maasai (a hunter-gatherer tribe) kicked off their land so they can hunt the Maasai’s food for pleasure. You can sign a petition that may help stop this travesty. Do it, if you’ve got time to read anything else here. \https://www.avaaz.org/en/save_the_maasai/?bDtzucb&v=17086

    1. In my state all fauna is considered property of the state, despite whoever OWNS the land. Hence hunting/fishing licensing, tag limits, etc are set by the state.

      If a property owner cannot utilize the bounty of their own land in a nation founded on the Abrahamic market system- i.e. contractual law and property rights- than, not to belittle your cause or energy, how the heck is a signing a petition for a nomadic group in a far off land going to help their cause?

      1. I’m not well versed with laws and regulations and government systems, and not sure if the petition will actually help, but I thought it was worth signing just in case.

    2. Don’t know about the issue in question but I do know the Maasai aren’t hunter-gatherers but pastoralists who range with cattle. In fact I’m reasonably sure they are culturally against hunting for food due to a preference for cattle.

  8. I’m doing postprandial (had to look that one up!) web surfing now. I was napping on the edge of someone’s property yesterday and they told me I had to go, but politely, and gave me $10, recommending I spent it on food. Thus today I decided to experiment. I tried the famous whine (sherry, specifically) and [400 grams of goat] cheese combo. Two free small McDonald’s coffees before the cheese because of their promotional hand-out for the last 6 days. Grooving, or at least that’s how it feels. Somehow I was making lots of typos, drank the last cup of sherry, and regained my quick fine motor skills, though I feel a little dizzy and lethargic when it comes to large movements, like climbing stairs. Not to complain. That was basically the idea. Now all my alcohol is gone after the brief get-out-jail-free binge,(on account of an insanity plee basically (schizo-effective disorder, and sober hallucinations, naturally accompanied by a bad memory that makes it hard to get to pointless probation appointments – the beauty of exaggeration!.. and a drug test in a hospital, which miraculously indicated I wasn’t on anything at the time, or so said the letter from my chillin family doctor)) and I won’t be able to afford any for a while, fortunately, but from now on I think I’ll take it with cheese.

    1. Do you work at a college as a janitor and solve equations on the blackboards?

      1. I like the reference, that’s an inspiring movie.
        And nope, I’m not nearly smart enough for that. Couldn’t pass grade 12 pre-calculus. However if the conditions are just right, rarely I might black out and solve one mentally, or verbally, or make an accurate guess, or be overcome by illusions of grandeur enough to believe so, and ignorance is bliss, attested by transparent smiling vegans.

  9. That Scientific American article on Paranthropus reads like something from the Onion.

    Our vegetarian ancestors died out but if you eat meat now it will shorten your lifespan.

    By an “award winning” journalist.

    1. As long as they can string along enough of the (m)asses, they’ll keep getting paid to perpetrate disinformation.
      From a cynical viewpoint, in any sort of reporting, be it news or journalism, it’s not the accuracy that is important, it’s the entertainment value, the tomfoolery (thus believability), and bottom line the number of readers that determine the “truth” of it.
      I haven’t even read the article, in fact I don’t read a lot of links in Weekend Link Love because of time restraints, a need for exercise, and a journalism site I actually trust (Signs of the Times) and sometimes a wandering attention span.
      The other day I fell out of a tree and am suffering from back pain though, so it’s a good excuse to read.

      1. From what I gather you are homeless or “transitioning”, free from drugs but only recently and you suffer from some psychological disorders. You also prefer alternative news websites and recently had a back injury. No?

        1. Homeless yes. Drug free yes, except a little herb, used sparingly, and moderate xanthine alkaloid and alcohol consumption. I’ve resorted to free food with MSG lately for variety and suppose that could be considered a drug as it’s classified as an excitotoxin and can overstimulate nerves.
          The mental health diagnosis was an informal one and there is no official record of it but it comes in handy sometimes. It’s a good excuse for just about anything. How it came about was a short interview with a psychiatrist in rehab a few years ago. I detested the group therapy sessions and consequently mostly zoned out and stayed quiet during them, as we were all forced to sit in chairs in a circle for up to around a couple hours, three times a day, and talk about our problems or respond to other’s problems. (Wait a minute.. I don’t do that, do I?) Due to my lack of participation in the so-called therapy the residential nurse ended up giving me a brief interview, sure that I was abstaining from the cry-baby sessions out of some sort of mental disorder, and not just out of boredom and misery at being forced to sit in a chair for hours on end. She gleaned from the information I decided to share (one example: I like to spend a good deal of solitary time in nature) plus some correspondance with my mother, who for some reason tries to convince just about everyone that I’m crazy, that I must actually be crazy, and then she called in a pyshiatrist, who after an interview of around 10 minutes, gave the diagnosis.
          Alternative news websites, yes, at least SOTT, it’s the only one I’m familiar with.
          And I was too drunk and fell around a story, or maybe even less, out of a tree and landed on my back the other day, so I’ve been a bit sore since then, but steadily getting better, it helps to have a shopping cart to push all my stuff around in, like some post-apocalyptic fire-carrier.

  10. Can someone explain how this black and decker buffer is supposed to work? What exactly is it doing to the muscle? How does it get rid of scar tissue?

  11. I have progressed to a DeWalt, the quality is much higher than the Black & Decker, you will get 20 years of use out of a DeWalt.

    The theory behind it is that if you want to get buff, use a quality buffer. Sure you can get a little buff with some cheap made in China garbage but for total absolute buffness you want to go with the best.

  12. Animanarchy,please, for the love of all things sacred, keep replying, I don’t even know what you’re talking about, but it’s ridiculously entertaining.

    1. Yeah, most of Animanarchy’s comments sorta come out of left field, don’t they? Occasionally there are bits and pieces that are vaguely relevant to the blog post they accompany. Entertaining, though, in a Hunter S. Thompsom kind of way.

      1. Maybe I should try to profit off my comments by turning them into an ebook: Hunting and Gathering in Las Vegas.
        After that, who knows.. might go wanking all over Limerick.

    2. Sorry for the confusion. Sometimes I have blonde moments. In fact those are some of my favourite, though my best two nights by far were spent with a brunette.

  13. The article on IF implies that the key to IF may not be a reduction in calories, but a reduction in protein. I’ve read about this idea before. In other words, if you ate a diet fairly substantial in food, but protein was kept very low, then you could achieve the benefits of fasting. Anyone else heard of this?

  14. As an international airline pilot who does a lot of training I am constantly trying to find ways to better improve my quality of sleep. It’s not an easy thing to do. I regularly fly over 4000 miles a day and cross countless time zones and the international date line. It’s a constant struggle to try and convince your body it’s a different time than it thinks, all the while trying to go to the gym during the only free time you have…

  15. The Everything Else category ROCKED today! 🙂 I’ll have to dig into that wheat sensitivity article later on, too!

  16. Neil: It might not be that easy. I believe it to be a reduction in insulin for a period of time. Especially considering that some proteins get your body to secrete as much insulin as high glycemic carbs do.

    What you find is that insulin levels inversely correlate with autophagy, eating your own cells. It has been found that the Apoptosis (Programmed cell death) of certain cells is higher and autophagy increased when insulin is very low. In phases of intermittent fasting, this is absolutely the case. You might even be able to this a bit further by caffeine consumption during the fast.

    The natural system repairing and cleaning your body works more efficient at low insulin levels. So it might not be about lowering calories or lowering protein, but going sometime without insulin secretion to allow cell waste (Not some stupid plaques, there is enough non-contractile proteins to be disposed of) to be taken care of.

    That is, at least according to the scientific consensus right now, my personal hypothesis on intermittent fasting and health.

    1. Hi Frank,

      I believe reduced protein diets promote autophagy, too.

      I want to research the matter more.

  17. Not a fan of them sloppy eggs. I guess I like them rubbery. I will try it though. Will buy the buffer on my way home. This can’t possibly be true, right?

  18. To be fair, the Scientific American guy theorizes that eating meat increased the availability of food year-round, not that it made the species eating it healthier for any other reason. Given that we have year-round availability of all kinds of food now, his conclusion doesn’t seem inconsistent with the rest of his blog post to me.

  19. Just read the article from SA. *sigh*…I just don’t understand it…

      1. “Early Homo, on the other hand, went in for a meat-heavy diet – possibly enabled by the use of tools for hunting and butchering”. And then she turns around and says “Now that we no longer have to fend for ourselves in quite the same way, increasd red meat consumption has actually been linked to shorter individual life spans”…Now I just need her to show me the “proof” that it’s red meat shortening the life…

  20. As far back as I can remember eating meat, I’ve like red meat and dark meat more than white. This was awesome at family gatherings because almost everyone else preferred to eat mostly the white meat whenever there was a turkey, allowing me to stuff myself with dark meat.
    I assumed meat with some colour and taste was a healthier choice too, even as a kid who knew nothing about nutrition. I remember being at some relatives’ cottage and one of my cousins getting up from the table to get more meat, saying she’d opt for the poultry instead of the steak because red meat is supposedly unhealthy. I found the idea silly. I then got up as well, kind of snidely saying, “I’m going to go get some more red meat!” It’s just so much more delicious, and it’s meat, which doesn’t seem like something that would trick our physiology in its pure state.
    Dark meat is higher in myoglobin and fat. Confine an animal so it can’t move and its muscle meat will turn out light because of reduced blood flow. I’d rather eat an animal that’s been getting its exercise. Besides fish, I’ve had wild meat twice that I can remember: one time it was a deer pepperette, the other time the liver and heart of a roadkilled squirrel. Probably the most savory things I’ve ever eaten.

    1. Kind of gapped on the bugs, oysters, and crayfish I’ve also had, oops.
      Must be all the GABA from the recent sherry binge.

  21. Very good idea the sander, waiting for mine to arrive, let’s see how it compares with my rumble-rollers. I don’t think it will replace them, but hope it will be a nice addition to my myofascial array of tools (lacrosse balls taped, pvc tubes covered with yoga mats, tennis balls taped, etc)

    1. hi everybody:
      It is amazing, it is much better than the foam roller (where you can use it)
      The guy from the video is a hero!
      The sander is not as noisy as it looks in the video, also it looks bigger (to me at least) in the video.