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Weekend Link Love – Edition 20

Need another reason to eat your broccoli? A Hearty Life profiles this cruciferous vegetables’ heart healthy benefits [1].

We’ve talked a lot about the dangers of overtraining before [2], and now blogger Arthur De Vany gives us the top 10 reasons not to run a marathon [3].

Ever wondered if that whole service with a smile thing is correct? Cognitive Daily profiles a study that suggests negative facial expressions can detract us from the task at hand [4].

Make the most of this fine fall weather and take a hike this week. Not prepared to hit the hills? Cranky Fitness has a guide for the out-of-shape hiker [5].

Think you can’t squeeze in a workout? Kelly at Grounded Fitness shares her secrets for sneaking in a workout when time is a real factor [6].

If you’re one of those people that thought fiddling around on the computer was a colossal waste of time, you’ll be surprised to know that it might actually improve brain function [7]! Health and Men tells us why.

A study funded by a cereal company suggests that cereal is the best breakfast choice [8] for maintaining a healthy weight. Sound fishy? The IF Life thought so too and this week got to the bottom of this cereal mystery.

Power up your abs with this great basketball workout [9] from Straight to the Bar.

Scared to try a new exercise? The Great Fitness Experiment identifies – and conquers – some of our biggest fears [10].