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Weekend Link Love – Edition 199

There’s a battle brewing over flip-flops [1]. While Bob Thompson (of the Institute for Preventive Foot Health) makes a mistake when he criticizes the lack of “heel support and structural support… on that little slab of rubber,” he makes a good point that “taking your five toes and grabbing your shoe” is not normal and could lead to problems. Where do you stand?

What’s better than flip-flops?  Zero-drop huaraches for your kids [2].

Neanderthals used medicinal plants [3] (surely with a prescription only), new fossil evidence indicates.

Speaking of Neanderthals, they sported massively muscled right arms [4] because of their propensity to… scrape bits of flesh off of animal hide to make pretty clothes?

I had a chat [5] with Max and Josh, co-creators of Caveman College, about maintaining a Primal life in college. If you’re a college student trying to make this lifestyle work, you’ll love their blog.

Physical inactivity is deadly [6]. Get up and go for a walk after you read this (and take someone with you).

Arnold blogs [7]. Do you have the Spark?

Lucky cows [8], huh? I guess red wine really does pair well with red meat.

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I’m addicted to spinach. Did funny things to my arm though…:P

You and the Neanderthals [13] both, Nionvox [14].