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Weekend Link Love – Edition 198

Posted By Mark Sisson On July 15, 2012 @ 8:00 am In Weekend Link Love | 264 Comments

Because ninjas never sat down [7] to type WordPress blogs.

Speaking of ninjas, let Al Kavadlo show you how to do a kip up [8].

Should we kill animals that kill humans [9]?

A recent study [10] suggests that “dense acellular carbohydrates” (in other words, grains) were found to promote inflammatory intestinal microbiota, as opposed to carbohydrates from “cellular tubers, leaves, and fruits.” Sound familiar to anyone else?

The Human Food Project quizzed a group of 37 microbiologists about their thoughts on diet and gut flora [11], including what a diet that promotes a healthy microbiome would look like. The results are pleasantly unsurprising.

New research [12] shows that traditionally-shod runners who go barefoot for the first time immediately improve their running economy and adopt a shorter stride length.

All the more reason to support pastured (or at least organic) poultry: antibiotic use in chickens has been linked to bladder infections in humans [13].

Did you know that the Paleo diet is uncivilized, unhealthy, and untrue? That we’re just all a bunch of savage bloodthirsty heathens? Yeah, apparently it’s true [14]. Seriously, though: a $50 gift certificate to PrimalBlueprint.com [15] to the person who comes up with the best comeback or rebuttal in today’s comment section. The Worker Bees and I will judge. Contest ends at midnight PDT, July 17 – two days from now.

Co-evolution, schmo-evolution; pit bulls are natural born killers. Right [16]?

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Comment of the Week

Oh boy, you’re putting your foot in it again, Mark! ;o) *says the grandma who is younger than you and who is also interested in the science of it*

– Yup, I shoulda known, Janet and Estelle [21]. My apologies to all the grandmas out there.

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