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15 Jul

Weekend Link Love – Edition 198

Because ninjas never sat down to type WordPress blogs.

Speaking of ninjas, let Al Kavadlo show you how to do a kip up.

Should we kill animals that kill humans?

A recent study suggests that “dense acellular carbohydrates” (in other words, grains) were found to promote inflammatory intestinal microbiota, as opposed to carbohydrates from “cellular tubers, leaves, and fruits.” Sound familiar to anyone else?

The Human Food Project quizzed a group of 37 microbiologists about their thoughts on diet and gut flora, including what a diet that promotes a healthy microbiome would look like. The results are pleasantly unsurprising.

New research shows that traditionally-shod runners who go barefoot for the first time immediately improve their running economy and adopt a shorter stride length.

All the more reason to support pastured (or at least organic) poultry: antibiotic use in chickens has been linked to bladder infections in humans.

Did you know that the Paleo diet is uncivilized, unhealthy, and untrue? That we’re just all a bunch of savage bloodthirsty heathens? Yeah, apparently it’s true. Seriously, though: a $50 gift certificate to to the person who comes up with the best comeback or rebuttal in today’s comment section. The Worker Bees and I will judge. Contest ends at midnight PDT, July 17 – two days from now.

Co-evolution, schmo-evolution; pit bulls are natural born killers. Right?

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Comment of the Week

Oh boy, you’re putting your foot in it again, Mark! ;o) *says the grandma who is younger than you and who is also interested in the science of it*

– Yup, I shoulda known, Janet and Estelle. My apologies to all the grandmas out there.

You want comments? We got comments:

Imagine you’re George Clooney. Take a moment to admire your grooming and wit. Okay, now imagine someone walks up to you and asks, “What’s your name?” You say, “I’m George Clooney.” Or maybe you say, “I’m the Clooninator!” You don’t say “I’m George of George Clooney Sells Movies Blog” and you certainly don’t say, “I’m Clooney Weight Loss Plan”. So while spam is technically meat, it ain’t anywhere near Primal. Please nickname yourself something your friends would call you.

  1. Rebuttal:

    And now let’s hear from an unbiased source without an axe to grind.

    “John McDougall, MD…is co-author of The Starch Solution…”

    Kent wrote on July 16th, 2012
  2. The guy sites an article that does not corroborate his argument. Strange.

    The longest living populations on planet Earth today live on starch-based (low-animal food) diets. These include people from Okinawa, Japan; Sardinia, Italy; Nicoya, Costa Rica; Ikaria, Greece; and the Seventh Day Adventists in Loma Linda, California, who live in what are called the “Blue Zones.” The link then goes to this article:

    Gil wrote on July 16th, 2012
    • I pointed this out in a reply that quickly got deleted. Most people who live in so called “Blue Zones” do eat meat (except Adventists) and their success can be largely attributed to the fact that so much of what they eat is unprocessed.

      My favorite part of the article was when he compared Inuits TO ANOTHER HUNTER GATHERER society. What wonderful logic!

      Christina208 wrote on July 16th, 2012
    • The longest surviving population, however, was prehistoric as far as we can gather with a primitive lifestyle and diet that included flesh. No tractors or factories full of robots back then.

      Animanarchy wrote on July 20th, 2012
  3. The funny thing is… if you look at the testimonial page, there are only three “success” stories, which don’t even seem that impressive.

    Msilver wrote on July 16th, 2012
  4. I have two pitbulls. Best dogs I’ve ever had. Last year when my son was three he had a chest infection and just laid on the couch or in bed for three days. My pitbulls stayed right by him the whole time, one of them wouldn’t even leave his side to eat. Laid practically right on top of him literally the entire time. Have lots of pictures of that lol. Plus their personalities are like little kids lol. Gotta love em!

    Draz wrote on July 16th, 2012
    • Cute. Animals are kind of like cushions. I’ve woken with one of my cats lying on my chest and it was very comfortable, though one time when I was sleeping on my back on a couch with it sleeping on my chest another cat knocked something over, causing a loud noise, awakening me and the cat on me and causing it to dig its claws into my chest and spring onto the back of the couch in a reflexive motion.
      A few times, moving obliviously out of habit, I’ve begun to sit on cats.

      Animanarchy wrote on July 20th, 2012
  5. Well perhaps it is the way they are being bred now…. but there is no denying how dangerous pitbulls can be. I have seen too many court cases and other reports of attacks by them on people as well as other dogs

    Gayle wrote on July 16th, 2012
    • Well, they were traditionally bred to be very docile toward humans. They were once even nicknamed the “nanny dog” because they were and are so good with children. Remember the dog who was the mascot of Our Gang? It was a pit. Helen Keller’s dogs were pits. They got the bad rap from people who were messing up the originally breeding and reversing the docile nature toward humans to an agressive, attack animal. But most pits are lovebugs, like our precious Mocha Sugar!

      Mia wrote on July 16th, 2012
      • How you treat a pet affects its behaviour. Don’t try to pwn it. Act as if you are its servant.

        Animanarchy wrote on July 20th, 2012
  6. My reply is short but sweet..
    “You believe what you want, we’ll believe what we want. Go ahead and stick to your rice cakes and test-tube cheese-like products. More grass-fed beef for us!”

    Rich wrote on July 16th, 2012
  7. I am appalled by Dr. McDougall’s poor writing style.
    It’s difficult to take this guy seriously when he’s not able to convey his ideas concisely. Mark’s blog is a whole different story.

    danielht wrote on July 16th, 2012
    • Agreed. His article was disjointed and severely lacking in evidence. Also he seems to have removed the comments section…

      dutchess759 wrote on July 17th, 2012
  8. Apparently 80% of long term vegans are deficient in b12 which is needed for proper mental function. Perhaps this has effected the Doctors reasoning abilities.
    B12 deficiency causes dementia, cognitive impairment, depression, and degenerative mental disorders

    Clippies wrote on July 17th, 2012
    • I think it’s more nefarious than simple B12 deficiency. Go to; there’s an article written by Sanyo Ji called “The dark side of wheat” which gives some pretty specific info on the narcotic properties of wheat gliadin. Points out that giving and withholding of wheat rations to Roman soldiers may be a surreptitious effort to control human behavior.
      One wonders if the good doctor is trying to control folks or just dipping a little too heavily into his own starch stash!

      BJML wrote on July 17th, 2012
  9. Now ninjas can multitask as armchair warriors.

    Animanarchy wrote on July 17th, 2012
  10. That John McDougall is a sly one indeed! Here I thought that he was trying to discredit Primal eaters altogether. But! In fact, it was well hidden fist bump of approval in the form of a well placed comment!

    Near the end of his article he made the joyous proclamation that “Every person that Paleo gurus convince to follow an animal food-based diet brings us one more step closer to the end of the world, as we know it.”

    You know, the world where two thirds of U.S. adults are overweight or obese? Where 40 percent of men over the age of fifty have prostate cancer? Where the same percentage of women over that age have breast cancer?

    The end of the world, where heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and Alzheimer’s are all out of control!

    The end of the world, where children are so sick they are not expected to live as long as their parents and average life expectancy is expected to decrease!

    The end of the fat, sick, out of shape, UNHEALTHY world!!!

    Happy dance much? I think so!

    Read the article again all you lean, angry, well fed folks! And see for yourselves.

    Well played, McDougall! Well played!

    Nigel wrote on July 17th, 2012
    • Where are you getting the stat that 40% over women over 50 develop breast cancer?

      DarcieG wrote on July 17th, 2012
  11. Rebuttal: Party primal and see how horny you get!

    Animanarchy wrote on July 17th, 2012
  12. Rattle snake isnt required … its tasty :o)

    owenscott wrote on July 17th, 2012
  13. Anyone ever notice Grok looks like a juggalo? Two sides of the same coin.

    Animanarchy wrote on July 20th, 2012
  14. In John McDougall’s write up he cites “Eskimos” as his reasoning for believing that Paleo is bad for your heart. (1) No one calls them “Eskimos”, most Inuit I met will punch you in the nose if you call them an “Eskimo” (Source: Lived in Inuit Communities for 2.5years in Canada’s North). (2) Inuit have health problems for a whole slew of reasons, including lack of access to appropriate healthcare, cultural stigmas, but most of all I would say the introduction of S.A.D. foods to their diet. Most people in the North eat much, much more processed and prepackaged foods then traditional nowadays. From my experience up there (again, 2.5years living in the communities), I would say the average diet is perhaps 40% game meat/60% prepackaged burgers/fries/dorritos/coke.

    (For anecdotal evidence I present the story of a Native friend, he believed that the prepackaged cheeseburgers you purchase at the store and then microwave, while still in the plastic wrap mind you, was a healthier option then to the rest of his diet. (rest of the diet was as mentioned above, pizza, pop, caribou, etc))

    SH wrote on July 20th, 2012
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