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Weekend Link Love – Edition 191

Posted By Mark Sisson On May 27, 2012 @ 8:00 am In Weekend Link Love | 33 Comments

“What people confuse is that ‘carnivore’ really means animal eater, not muscle-meat eater.” The NY Times did a nice, fairly balanced writeup on raw food for pets [7].

Abel James, the Fat Burning Man, is giving away some Paleo goodies for free. Go on and check ‘em out [8].

Evolutionary changes in organisms – caused in part by environment – can trigger evolutionary changes in the environments [9] themselves. Isn’t this stuff fascinating?

Dang, guess I’ll have to return all my skinny jeans and find something else to spice up my wardrobe, as they’ve been implicated in various health issues [10].

How one Canadian aboriginal man returned to his dietary roots [11]. Oh, and he may have lost some weight in the process.

A recent report out of Britain finds that grass-fed beef is good for the environment (PDF [12]).

Do you have your pair of bread gloves [13] yet?

Recipe Corner

  • From the Half-Indian Cook comes crispy coconut kale [14].
  • I’ve always thought Julia Child woulda fit right in at MDA. Here’s her Coq au Vin [15] recipe, slightly altered by The Endless Meal.

Time Capsule

One year ago (May 27 – June 2)

Comment of the Week

I also ate a couple snails and ants. The snails were sort of bland but the ants were like candy. All you have to do is lie down in the grass and food will crawl on you! P.S. if you liked Gushers before you made the switch to Primal, I suggest you try ants.

– I always love me some Animanarchy comments [18].

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