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Weekend Link Love – Edition 19

Congrats to Dave C. at Dave Gets Fit!! who dumped statins, made some serious lifestyle changes (read high fat diet) and is getting healthier by the day [1].

There are many benefits to making your own meals, but sometimes cooking can be a risky endeavor! Reduce your risk of incurring an injury (serious or otherwise) with Almost Vegetarian’s top seven kitchen safety tips [2].

Experiencing joint pain related to arthritis? [3] Sean at Blog of Herbs suggests a few natural remedies.

Conditioning Research profiles a few functional training moves taken from Krav Maga [4], a form of martial arts.

Cranky Fitness reports on a new study suggesting that fewer people are dieting these days [5]. Read on to learn about all the other things they are doing instead.

Diet Blog
tells us about a new study from Brunel University’s School of Sport and Education that shows the type of music you listen to does impact the quality of your workout [6] (now go update your iPod!)

Fitness Fixation examines the four types of exercise personalities [7], looking at what motivates them and how to continually hold their interest in fitness.

Taking all the credit for your health habits? HealthBeat examines a new state-by-state report that finds that parents have a significant hand in their child’s future health [8] (time to put in a “thank you” call to Mom and Pops!)

Ever heard people say they are allergic to exercise [9]? Liz over at HealthBolt tells us this one is true – and shares a couple of other odd allergies.