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Weekend Link Love – Edition 189

Some guy named Jerry Tobbs (I might have that wrong) recently explained [1] why he thinks the campaign to stop America’s obesity crisis keeps failing.

Here’s the winning entry [2] from last month’s “ethics of meat eating” NY Times essay contest. What do you think?

Don’t eat green bacon [3] (unless it’s St. Patrick’s day).

Amish farm kids are “remarkably immune” to allergies, a new study [4] has found. Something tells me Amish moms aren’t slathering their kids with Purell.

We Want Paleo! [5], a new organization devoted to getting restaurants to start offering Paleo-friendly menu items, needs your help.

Epigenetics rears its lovely-but-potentially-deadly head once again [6], this time showing the effect of different sleep durations on the expression of genetic influences on body weight in sets of twins.

In a recent study [7], serum vitamin D levels of 50-60 nmol/liter were associated with the lowest all-cause mortality risk. Not all that surprising, right? But both very low (10 nmol/L) and very high (140 nmol/L) levels were associated with a higher risk of all-cause mortality. It’s a classic reverse J curve.

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Comment of the Week

I voted 5+, but to be totally honest all occured this last weekend. 2minutes swordfighting max effort 4 times.

Run away from short barbarian horde (children)(about a minute) then avoid injury as you play dead when they catch up) 7 times. various throwing of javelins and axes and finally dodge four charging horses four times.

What can I say? Roman re-enacting is hard work!

– Now that’s the right kind of re-enactment [12], Ian [13].