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Weekend Link Love – Edition 187

For you safe starch fans (or those who want to learn how to incorporate them in their diets), Sweet Potato Power [1] is a fantastic guide to our favorite tuber.

Aussies – got plans May 12 and 13? You do now. Longtime reader and friend of the blog Suz has assembled leading Paleo and Primal experts from your neck of the globe, including That Paleo Guy Jamie Scott [2], Dr. Anastasia Boulais [3], Julianne Taylor [4], and Dr. Ron Ehrlich [5], to bring you the first annual Australian Paleo Weekend [6]. Pick up your tickets before they run out. (Kiwis welcome, too).

How vegetable oils replaced animal fats in the American diet. [7]

A recent study [8] suggests that humanity’s meat-eating allowed us to wean earlier and helped make our considerable evolutionary success possible. The study’s author is, of course, quick to iterate that this “says nothing about what we should or should not eat today in order to have a good diet.” Whew! Close call!

Avoiding carcinogens used to be easy. You’d quit smoking, move away from the coal plant, switch out the lead paint and asbestos in your house, stuff like that. But how do you avoid light pollution [9]?

12 experts’ top five desert island exercises, parts one [10] and two [11].

Maybe don’t drink 8 liters of Coke a day [12]. Just saying.

The candy and the antidote. [13]

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That is one happy kitty.

Indeed [18], Nionvox [19]. Unfortunately, the happy kitty wasn’t available for belly scratches.