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Weekend Link Love – Edition 184

This article [1] smells (but tastes delicious!).

Autism diagnoses in the US are higher than ever, a new study shows [2].

Next time your prepubescent son has to go number 1, give him a glass jar filled with pastured eggs and watch the yuan roll in [3].

This diapered tot boulders better [4] than you. Let’s just hope he doesn’t get so cocky that he ends up climbing the ramparts of Winterfell only to discover an incestuous tryst between the queen and her brother, who then pushes the kid off for a five story drop and lower body paralysis. Because in the real world, there are no three-eyed crows to lead you to your destiny.

A collection [5] of visual representations of the serving sizes of various fruits and vegetables.

How’s this for a healthy addiction [6]?

Hey, you: stand up [7].

But I was led to believe that cows hate being outside, shun dietary graminoids, and vastly prefer the solace and seclusion of a barn with a trough full of corn, soybeans, gummy bears, and delicious plastic pellets. Guess I was wrong [8].

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Comment of the Week

MTHFR gene…

… is most expressed in Samuel L Jackson.

– I think we can all agree that oxide [13] deserves a hearty round of applause.