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Weekend Link Love – Edition 182

This past Wednesday was National Potato Chip Day [1]. How did you celebrate?

Gary Taubes tackles [2] the latest red meat scare study, and discusses the problems with epidemiology in general.

As if exercise wasn’t already hard enough for heart disease patients, a recent study [3] now suggests that taking statins increases cellular oxidative stress in muscles during exercise, thus reducing their efficiency.

Hey, did someone finally listen [4] to me? Saratoga High P.E. class just got a whole lot better [5].

Next time you’re in Copenhagen, be sure to swing by Palæo, the soon-to-open “Primal gastronomy” fast food joint founded by Michelin starred chef Thomas Rode Andersen [6].

Are veggies cheap? [7]

Our buddy Robb Wolf recently gave a great talk about Paleo at SUNY, and now it’s available to watch [8].

Is storage a possible Neolithic Agent of Disease? [9] Interesting thoughts by Melissa McEwen.

The disappearing pig. [10]

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Comment of the Week

I have a friend who did the Super Colon Blow, he made the mistake of taking it before he went kite surfing on Lake Erie and he wound up getting blown clear over to the opposite side of the lake.

– I’ve been friends with enough raw vegans to know that rob [15] wasn’t totally kidding.