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Weekend Link Love – Edition 18

Need some cocktail party fodder? A Hearty Life shared 10 Hearty Facts [1] about (you guessed it) hearts.

Conditioning Research
reviews a recent journal that touches on how obesity and inflammation are related [2].

Diet Blog examines the differences between a diet and a “diet cult” [3] (hint: it’s all about the results and the way you feel!)

Still struggling with that to-do list? Dumb Little Man won’t tell you how to get your tasks done, but he (or in this case, she) will teach you how to make the list itself more effective [4].

Dr. Mirkin assesses the environmental risk factors for cancer [5] and tells you what to do to limit your exposure.

Can “executive physicals” actually be harmful to your health? [6] Kevin M.D. gets to the bottom of it.

Hunter-Gathering profiles hawthorn [7], and all the delicious things you can make with their leaves and berries.

Already counting down to Halloween, Parent Dish profiles the best (and all-time worst) of the Halloween loot for your little monster [8].

That’s Fit profiles Grace Somatomorphic Technique [9], a mixture of yoga, pilates and capoeira using equipment.

Charlotte at The Great Fitness Experiment blogs about her experience with Kettlebell training [10] (and even shares some results!)