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Weekend Link Love – Edition 178

Posted By Mark Sisson On February 19, 2012 @ 8:00 am In Weekend Link Love | 53 Comments

Ryan, fiance to the powerlifter from the recent success story [7], just released a self-titled Primal kids EP by The Cave Kids. Check it out on Amazon [8] or iTunes [9]. It’s really good, and both kids and parents will dig it. “Just Like Mom and Dad” is my favorite so far.

It seems raw-feeding one’s pets is really catching on. The NY Times recently did a write up [10].

It almost sounds like making your short workouts shorter and more intense might actually work [11].

Could kevlar socks replace Vibram Fivefingers? I’m not sure, but they’re available for purchase [12].

Mighty Men of Old: Being a Gallery of Pictures and Biographies of Outstanding Old Time Strongmen (PDF [13]). Anyone who likes strength training, moustaches, and pristine male buttocks will enjoy this.

A new study [14] found that 11% of doctors surveyed admitted they had lied to patients or parent-guardians in the past year.

How the NASA Biocapsule [15] could help millions.

That’s not a heart attack. It’s just spin class [16]. How an hour of spinning can trigger similar biochemical reactions as a genuine heart attack.

The exercise and (surprisingly somewhat Primal) diet habits of Marilyn Monroe [17].

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Comment of the Week

Hi Mark,

Thought you would get a kick out of my Valentine present from my girl.

– I gotta say, David. You’ve got a keeper.

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