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Weekend Link Love – Edition 177

Listen to the Chrises Kresser and Masterjohn discuss cholesterol, thyroid hormone, iodine, goitrogens, and heart disease [1] on the Revolution Health Radio podcast, their third on the subject. Here are parts one [2] and two [3].

Baby’s got glutofemoral adipose tissue [4].

Less trans-fat is coursing through the blood of white American adults [5].

A recent study found that a lack of sun exposure was linked to a higher risk of stroke [6].

Why you should include unilateral lower body movements in your workouts [7] and break up all that pure unadulterated back squatting from time to time.

America is overmedicated and depressed, but – luckily – there may be a simpler, more inexpensive, far more enjoyable way out [8].

Fasting improves the efficacy of chemotherapy and weakens cancer [9] (better than chemotherapy alone, which was a total failure) in mice. Studies in humans have already begun. Here’s hoping they pan out!

The scale of the universe [10]. It’s not really health-related, but boy if it isn’t engrossing and absolutely amazing.

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Comment of the Week

I use honey to scrub my behind, leaves my skin soft & smooth as a baby’s face.

– Conrack’s comment [15] from Wednesday’s honey post made me laugh quite heartily. Even the normally taciturn Worker Bees had to chuckle.