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Weekend Link Love – Edition 175

Traditionally-living Maasai and Hadzabe tribespeople – who spend plenty of time in the sun but avoid the hottest times – have average vitamin D levels of between 40 and 50 ng/mL [1].

Should you replace RICE with METH?  [2]

“Extreme caution should be used when stopping or reducing bacon consumption.” Amen [3].

I love stories with happy endings [4]. How a vegan left his job as a barista at a snobby coffee shop and journeyed halfway across the country to learn the ancient art of butchery.

Stops hereditary chronic nose-bleeds [5], cures depression, completes smiley faces on plates of eggs… what can’t bacon do?

Vin Cox is planning a bicycle tour [6] around the UK in which he’ll subsist entirely on wild-caught and -foraged foods. That’s how you do Chronic Cardio, folks.

Two new studies [7] found that calorie-burning “brown fat” can be created by exposure to cold and certain types of exercise.

In six states, the American Dietetic Association is nearing its ultimate goal of barring nutritionists from providing key nutritional services to clients. California nutritionists, for example, would be unable to practice without becoming registered dietitians if the proposed legislation goes through. See what’s happening in your state and what you can do about it [8].

A recent randomized controlled trial [9] found that intake of oxidized fish oil did not negatively impact markers of inflammation or lipid peroxidation in humans. Not what I would have guessed.

Andrew Badenoch, quilted (and oft-quoted) scribe of Evolvify [10], is going to traverse the Arctic by foot, fatbike, and inflatable raft using zero fuel but what his body provides. He wants to document his journey in high definition, but he needs your help to do it. Visit his Kickstarter page [11] if you’re interested.

Who’s up for a nice, leisurely mountain stroll? [12]

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Comment of the Week

One of the nicest memories I have of my dad is standing out in the barnyard one night at our farm in Central Illinois nearly 50 years ago and the Milky Way blazed above us. He explained just how far that was from us and gave me some idea of just how awesomely big it was and WE were part of it. Farmers have a closer relationship to the night. He would stand in the field sometimes and just listen to the corn leaves rustle and spring always thrilled him when bits of green shot out of the ground. I miss him and the blazing Milky Way.

– Touching, poetic prose from reader Janet [17].