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Weekend Link Love – Edition 172

In his introductory theory of obesity post [1], Paul Jaminet proposes a “lean tissue quality setpoint,” declaring the body fat setpoint to be “so 2011.” (Okay, that last part isn’t really true.)

It’s like the author of this paper had me in mind when he wrote it: “Play as a Foundation for Hunter-Gatherer Social Existence.” (PDF [2])

Legendary NBA power forward Karl Malone would surely appreciate Melany Vorass’ locally-procured, bushy-tailed fare [3].

First, umami threw traditional taste-bud science into disarray. Now, calcium, piquance, fat, and kokumi? How human taste buds may actually taste six distinct flavors [4] – and perhaps a half dozen more. This is like finding out that Pluto isn’t actually a planet.

Overeating on a low protein diet led to lower body weight than overeating on a higher protein diet, but the latter’s weight gain was mostly lean body mass [5]. Or, why the scale doesn’t really tell the complete story. Full PDF [6] for interested parties.

In a recent interview [7], Gary Taubes recommended The Primal Blueprint [8], alongside traditional nutrition classics by greats like Weston A. Price, TL Cleave, and Vilhjalmur Stefansson. I’m honored.

These squat alternatives have been around for awhile, but they’re worth exploring. First, Mike Boyle explains why he thinks the squat is dead [9] and the single leg split squat is superior (and safer). Then, Bryce Lane offers up the B-squat [10], an arguably more natural way to squat (especially for folks who didn’t grow up regularly sitting in full squats).

Karen De Coster, longtime friend of MDA, was fired by her doctor for bucking Conventional Wisdom. Here’s her story [11].

This animated GIF [12] is pretty painful to watch.

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Comment of the Week

Perhaps in another 100000 years or so humans (or whatever they call themselves by then) will have evolved to consume nothing but plastic – tasty tasty plastic in a variety of colors! Or be robots.

– We can only hope, Brian Clasby [17], we can only hope.