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Weekend Link Love – Edition 171

How producing “ethical, zero-harm” plant food for vegans and vegetarians kills more animals [1] than, well, actually killing animals for the purpose of eating them. How’s that blood-soaked tofu burger taste? (Kidding. Kinda.)

What twins can tell us about epigenetics [2].

Scientists finally figured out that red deer – and most likely the other large mammals from wintry climates – actively lower their body temperatures [3] (through such nifty tricks as eating snow) to conserve energy in response to winter and food scarcity, not as an inadvertent reaction to it.

Bolivians are hardcore about their real food and home-cooked meals made with love and attention to detail, so hardcore that not even McDonald’s could survive there. A heartwarming story [4] indeed.

Gobekli Tepe [5]: earliest temple by 6000 years (eat your heart out, Stonehenge); built by hunters wielding naught but flint tools; receptacle for bones from tens of thousands of butchered gazelles, boar, deer, sheep, and over a dozen species of bird; testament to early man’s awesomeness.

How tanning beds change the brain by stimulating the reward centers [6] akin to “a drug or a high-value food like sugar.” Sure, that sounds scary and all, but you think maybe our brains respond to (natural) UV light that way for a good, helpful reason? Seems plausible.

Memory improves post-workout [7].

“Most people are simply not designed to eat pasta.” [8]

Science is limited because humans are [9]. We can’t hope to understand every factor determining “causality,” no matter how many variables we “isolate,” because everything is intertwined and interrelated. And that’s why some of our home runs turn into unmitigated disasters, like torcetrapib [10].

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Oh man can we call it Grokstock? I’m bringing the lamb shoulder, the prosciutto wrapped dates, my booty shaking genes and the ukulele… ooooohhh raw oysters on the half shell too!!

– Maureen gives me some really good ideas about Grok throwing a party [15].