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Weekend Link Love – Edition 167

Posted By Mark Sisson On December 4, 2011 @ 8:00 am In Weekend Link Love | 68 Comments

A PBS Science Bytes video [7] describes a ketone-rich “life-saving diet” for diabetics that ends up sounding eerily familiar, and halfway through I was pretty jazzed. By the end, though, it was clear that their ultimate goal is to put the effects of having a fat-burning metabolism into a pill so as to avoid all that dangerous meat and fat.

I like this video better: Dr. Terry Wahls gives a TEDx talk [8] on how a Paleo diet cured her MS.

Christmas is coming, parents. From Wired’s Geek Dad, here are the top five toys of all time [9].

It’s winter in Malibu, but summer in New Zealand. That Paleo Guy Jamie breaks down a recent study [10] showing that endogenous defense against UV damage corresponds with circadian rhythm, and he makes some recommendations about when to tan for the best – and safest – results.

42,000 years ago, humans were deep sea fishing for tuna [11], a particularly large and crafty fish that requires complex maritime technology, quality hooks, and lots of planning. How awesome were our ancestors?

It’s been a good week for fish. Eating baked or broiled (but not fried) fish once a week was linked to a reduction in Alzheimer’s [12] in a study with well-controlled variables. Another study [13] found that infants who eat fish early may enjoy better immune systems (while both infants who took broad spectrum antibiotics in the first of week life and whose mothers took paracetamol while pregnant had worse immune systems).

How food flavor scientists literally engineer processed food to be addictive, in their own words [14].

Soft (read: agriculturally-derived, industrial, processed) foods lead to poor lower jaw development, crowded teeth, and trips to the dentist [15] for wisdom teeth removal.

If you wanted to feel weak and puny today, look no further than this video of a guy busting out one-arm, one-finger pullups [16].

Recipe Corner

  • Try to bite just a handful of these sweet potato bacon bites [17].
  • If there’s one traditional, down-home classic American dish I miss from my childhood, it’s aloo gobi. Well, PaleoMe just posted a great looking recipe for Paleo aloo gobi [18]. I’m on it.

Time Capsule

One year ago (Nov 29 – Dec 4)

Comment of the Week

“try to avoid excessive gasping.”

There are some situations where that just isn’t possible or desirable.

– Too true, oxide [21], too true.

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