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Weekend Link Love – Edition 160

Posted By Mark Sisson On October 16, 2011 @ 8:00 am In Weekend Link Love | 30 Comments

Like Yoda a new paper proposes [7] that early humans spoke.

I guess it doesn’t require giving up all worldly possessions or camping out under a fig tree to be effective. Small servings of meditation have large (positive) effects [8] on brain function and focus.

From Wired, a visual guide to the ecosystem of the human microbiome [9].

Fifth Ape, a natural movement training group out of North Carolina, recently released a “big fancy marketing video [10].” Go check it out. They’re doing some great work.

The many joys of bottled water [11], courtesy of Primal Palette.

Remember Joanne, one of our success stories from a couple months ago? She has good news for us, and I’ve just updated her story to reflect it [12].

The results from a 30-year study comparing organic farming to conventional farming are in, and it seems multiple myths are busted [13]. Organic crops were more resilient, productive, sustainable, and they brought in more money for the farmers and produced better soil. In short, organic left conventional in the (crop) dust.

Kipping squats [14]: for the trainee who wants a few extra reps and is willing to sacrifice a sliver of meniscus to get them.

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