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31 Jul

Weekend Link Love – Edition 153

A writer from The Atlantic tries the Paleo diet, feels great on it, loves it, yet still wonders whether it’s “an unhealthy fad.” Be forewarned: life expectancy is mentioned and Atkins parallels are drawn. Some good comments, though, by Melissa and Patrik.

Was this a “special Primal issue”? The Atlantic explains how buying grass-fed beef might just save the bees.

Sure, tanning might increase the risk of certain cancers, but not tanning is probably way, way worse. What we’ve known for years is starting to hit the mainstream.

The NY Times asks, “Can a playground be too safe?” Hint: Yes. And it’s actually more dangerous in the long run.

People from polar regions have bigger eyes and brains to help with the processing of visual data in an environment with less sunlight. This confirms what researchers have long suspected: vikings looked like anime characters.

Jane Brody, the NY Times health writer who once told readers to simply “eat less, exercise more,” now admits that old advice “may be outdated.” Watch her admit that counting calories is usually ineffective and laugh smugly to yourselves (I sure did).

Forget this debt limit stuff: bacon prices are on the rise!

Recipe Corner

  • It doesn’t have a name, and it looks a bit like “puke,” but it’s tasty and nutritious. Try “one of the most delicious things” the author’s “ever made.”
  • Grilled onions and tomatoes from Purely Primal. Sometimes, you just want a plate full of plant matter.

Time Capsule

One year ago (July 25 – July 31)

Comment of the Week

All the time (but she’s 4 now!) I throw her up in the air, starting in the squat position. I also have her stand on my foot, holding my hands and kick/swing her in the air and she does a flip in mid air. I also do pushups with her on my back, and climb playground equipment with her in ways that the equipment wasn’t designed for. We also spring (barefoot) up and down the street together. We’re both working out, just by playing!

– Reader Vince gets it.

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