Weekend Link Love – Edition 148

I love butter as much as anyone, but I think deep-frying it may be going too far. Be sure to watch til the end for the helpful tips on how to pick a frying oil.

Living in the city changes how your brain responds to stress, and not in a good way.

Fake, manmade fat strikes out again. This time, rats who ate potato chips made with Olean, the non-caloric “fat,” got fatter and ate more than rats who ate regular chips. Big surprise.

More fossil evidence that agriculture took a toll on human height (and health).

It seems humans may possess a dormant ability to sense the Earth’s magnetic fields, a la birds and sea turtles, thanks to a tiny protein in our retina. Magneato.

Diabetes can be cured with diet? You don’t say. 600 calories a day? Ouch. We can do it on 1800.

I’m torn on this old baby food ad. On one hand, it’s for canned meat paste made of beef, liver, heart, bacon, veal, or lamb called “Meats for Babies.” That’s awesome. On the other hand, it’s canned meat paste.

Here’s a nice piece on epigenetics. It’s becoming clear that for better or worse, we have the ability to reprogram our genes.

Add “increased risk of diabetes” to the list of potential side effects from taking statins.

LiveScience recently published a list of the “7 Biggest Diet Myths.” I initially cringed, too, but was pleasantly surprised. It’s a solid list.

The World’s Largest Omelet. I hope the guy ordering asked them to cook it in butter.

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Comment of the Week

You can collect barnacles from bridge pilings and make a great paleo soup out of them, packed with iron magnesium and iodine.

I call it hungry hobo stew.

– Comment from rob

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  1. That’s not an omelette, it’s paella.

    While we’re on deep frying fats, folks from the UK (and other lucky nations) will be able to buy dripping from their local supermarket. We have pure (no additive) beef dripping from Britannia brand in the UK.

    1. So whats a paella then? I wouldn’t call it an omelette myself… I want to see the finished product. But I have never heard of “paella.”

        1. Oh! I’ll make a note of that. Do you live in Grand Rapids? I’ve never been to San Chez but have heard its awesome. I’ll have to host a meetup group event there soon!

    2. Hum, no.

      A paella is a mix of rice with saffron, mussels and other shellfish.

      This is a tortilla.

      1. Hum, yes. This is clearly a paella because it is in the saucepan they do them in and they are done with rice and water and then the water is allowed to evaporate. It is from Valencia, Spain. And it does not necessarilly have to be made with shelfish, it can also carry green beans and chicken and rabbit.

  2. “Ancient men traded cattle
    Before columbus was lost in travel, ancient canoes got paddeled
    Before the horse saddle there was camel
    Spears before arrow, arrow before ammo
    Tribal paint before camoflage
    Chief before sarge, our lieutenant
    Village elders before senates
    Used to sail the seas before the compass was invented
    Ancient people spoke free, they didn’t need a 1st amendment
    In the beginning, the drum was the tech cendent
    There was moons before months, and time before minutes

    These ancient thoughts
    This ancient look
    These ancient hearts
    This ancient soul
    These ancient songs
    These ancient people”

    – Nas and Damien Marley, ‘Ancient People’

  3. Did anyone else catch the NPR interview from some guy from Harvard Public Health that discussed the ‘new’ study results about eating potatoes etc making you fatter? It was not perfect, but it discussed refined carbs as bad, potatoes as bad, and fat as our friend because it contributes to satiety. All I can say is, I hope lots of people were listening…. because it was the closest thing to sensible nutrition I’ve heard out there through conventional media in a while.

  4. I wonder what the significance is that the fruit flies with our “magnetic eye proteins” only responded to the blue spectrum….

  5. Magneato, indeed! Is anyone else thinking Lost?

    That baby food ad is a little nuts. Meat at 3 weeks? Oh, and I’ll buy my baby “meat paste” over the “meat soup” the actual ad refers to any day!

    Totally impressed by that LiveScience list.

  6. Can you really call that an omelet? I want to see the finished product…

    I started to watch that butter video and clicked away immediately… peanut oil? flour? bread crumbs?

    Butter is awesome on its own… why destroy the flavor? I personally cook with it or add it to other foods.

  7. What’s wrong with using butter to make mayo? In the pre-industrial-oil days, that seems to have been the oil of choice for mayo. Yes, I’ve been browsing through old cookbooks….

  8. @Primal Toad – google is your friend, pal. It’s a rice dish from Spain. If you were to google “world’s largest paella” you’ll see all sorts of ridiculously sized pans and tonnes of rice being stirred.

  9. It’s great to see most research confirming that “you are what you eat.” Olean in, Olean out… and in the Tampa Tribune this morning, it states “Global Increase Seen in Diabetes.” Hooray for agriculture, (BLAH!) and Kudos to Amanda Mummert. On a lighter note, from food… It has long been experienced by my self and other involved in the teleportation experiments of the late 50’s to have this so called “sixth sense” when actually Dr. Andre Delambre discovered this protein, Cryptochrome; in an attempt to find his way back to his original human form. His descendants are the only processors of this ability. The fly and Dr. Delambre involved in the experiments were mutated when the experiments went awry. His descendants are the subjects of misguided research. Steven Reppert is fortunate to have found an unaware subject of these Dr. Delambre mishaps. Reppert might also consider renaming his research, “The Seventh Sense” since M. Night Shyamalan has already claimed that term.
    Great stuff, I like reading the “Weekend Link Love.”

  10. I clearly need more coffee because I read it as “and ate more rats who ate regular chips”… That would be a little harsh!

  11. “Adult height, dental cavities and abscesses, bone density and healed fractures are some of the markers used to try to paint a more complete picture of an individual’s health.” Mummert

    “In some ancient societies, such as those of the North American coasts, crops may have merely supplemented a seafood diet. “In these cases, a more sedentary lifestyle, and not necessarily agriculture, could have perpetuated decreased stature,” Mummert says.”

    AHA !
    So seize DOES matter. 🙂

  12. I love vintage ads. LOL on the baby food of “canned meat” – my thoughts exactly. Loving the Love!

  13. Mayo is easy if you have a stick blender. Put all the ingredients listed into the blender cup, place the blender head over the egg and switch on. The mayo makes itself in a minute or so.

  14. The parting shot in the Emory piece is a good one:

    “You need calories to grow bones long, but you need rich nutrients to grow bones strong.”

    Sounds right to me. The whole paragraph is good, actually:

    “I think it’s important to consider what exactly ‘good health’ means,” Mummert says. “The modernization and commercialization of food may be helping us by providing more calories, but those calories may not be good for us. You need calories to grow bones long, but you need rich nutrients to grow bones strong.”

    She sounds like a pretty primal lady to me.

    Using height alone as an indicator of health may be off. I see plenty of very tall but weedy kids around. I’m 6 foot myself, and that’s nice, but maybe it would be better to be 5′ 9” and built like a brick outhouse.

  15. I’ve had some really bad mayo failures, will keep trying till I get it right 🙂
    Very pleasantly surprised at the diet myths. They got it right. The attitude people have toward fat is ridiculous. It’s like the pilgrims attitude towards sex, it is evil and must be eliminated.

  16. That Myths Site Was Surprisingly Good, Through Diet My Wife Has Dropped 4 Out Of 5 Injections Of Insulin And She Is Only Partly Primal Right Now, Thanks Mark And Grok On, Another Great Link Day

  17. I’m guessing in the first link you meant how NOT to pick a frying oil, since the ones recommended in the video are pretty horrible.

  18. I think the advert for baby meat looks great! However no way would any of my children solids at 3 weeks, they get boob juice for at least 6/7 months before they got to taste solid food. Processed baby foods are yet another way companies glean huge amounts of money out of unsuspecting parents who think they are doing the right thing. Baby led weaning ROCKS best way forward, at least my 5 children have thrived on it, if only I’d known about primal then though, hey ho.

  19. “Magneato!” LOVE IT! HA!

    600 calories? I think we eat more than we should anyway – even on primal/paleo diets.

  20. 1800 calories is semi-starvation. Amazing that the public remembers Ancel Keys for his idiotic cholesterol-and-disease “statistics” but not for the starvation study he did before that. They understood at which point the body begins to be malnourished. Now 1800 calories seems perfectly reasonable. Well I’m here to tell ya, diabetes is not a disease of Not Being Semi-Starved Enough.

    I run into the odd diabetic online (type 2, I think) who tells me they have blood sugar surges with too much fat intake. Didn’t think to ask what kind of fat it was–I think one of them told me she was trying to do it the right way, with grass-fed animal sources. But these are the exception, not the rule. Getting a good amount of fat in your diet while dropping the carbs, it’s still pretty straightforward to get to 2000 calories a day. And normalize blood sugar, for most people. And lose excess bodyfat, if you have any.

    BMR for most people would put them into the ballpark of a maintenance amount of calories that’s around 2000 a day, give or take a few hundred. That’s BMR. You need to do other things besides heat your body, breathe, and digest food.

    I think fat gain is about how much energy you store in your fat cells versus how much energy you release from them daily. That is very different from comparing how much you eat to how much you exercise. The question has a different answer, too. Nobody wants to hear this, for some reason. They seem convinced that obesity is all about a personal character failure and that fat people should be punished for so failing, and if it’s “too easy” to lose the fat then clearly they aren’t doing it right.

    Whatever helps, I guess.

  21. I wonder if the statin/diabetes risk is because high doses of statins are associated with people who refuse to control their diets, rather than the statins themselves. Not that statins are good, but if this is the case, it’s a better headline when written “Not even high doses of statins can make up for a bad diet where diabetes is concerned.”