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Weekend Link Love – Edition 145

Posted By Mark Sisson On June 5, 2011 @ 8:00 am In Weekend Link Love | 42 Comments

Boosting one’s HDL and lowering one’s triglycerides through chemical artifice has, once again, resulted in a slightly increased risk of stroke [7] and no reduction in the risk of general heart disease. When will they ever learn?

An as-of-late perpetually-displaced tribe of Guarani Indians has retaken part of their ancestral lands [8] in Brazil. Previous attempts resulted in violent evictions, so let’s hope this time it sticks.

Effective billboard placement strategy or unintentional, black irony? You decide [9].

Did you hear? The USDA finally gave us permission [10] to eat pork that hasn’t been burnt to a crisp. Medium (slightly pink) is now in. Thanks, USDA! You’re the best! We’d be lost without you!

Puppies famously grow up way too fast, but thankfully not quite this quickly [11].

No longer Mad Magazine’s upstart little cousin, Cracked.com divulges the five biggest downsides to being intelligent [12].

Facebook head Mark Zuckerberg has vowed to only eat animals killed by his own hand [13]. Good move. Next, he’ll pledge to only obtain private data of users he personally friends.

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Comment of the Week

“But what about our precious bodily fluids? Fluoridation is a commie plot!”

– Commenter Shannon, from “Dear Mark: Is Fluoride Safe?” [18]

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