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Weekend Link Love – Edition 141

Posted By Mark Sisson On May 8, 2011 @ 5:00 am In Weekend Link Love | 67 Comments

Dr. Briffa presents the case [7] for vitamin D as an athletic performance enhancer, calling it “solar power.” Clever.

Stick-wielding Swedish male backs down an angry moose [8], albeit a baby one. Man the hunter, indeed (although I’d like to see him up against a full-grown moose).

Statins certainly lower LDL, if you’re into that sorta thing, but they may also lower your ability to put on lean mass. A new study [9] shows that middle-aged men who gained the most muscle mass also had the highest LDL. Interesting (also interesting that muscle pain is a common complaint of statin-takers…) correlation.

Paleo Baby gnaws bones, poops solid, sleeps deep, cries little, shows muscle, and makes parents of other babies sullen, jealous, and despondent. Read how the Hawaiian Libertarian made it happen [10].

Medieval recipes [11] for all things meat.

Here’s a comprehensive review [12] of the new Inov-8 Bare-Grip 200 minimalist shoes. Whadya say, MDA readers? Do Inov-8s sound like a good barefoot alternative?

Reader Aaron Rentfrew’s experience with PB [13] fitness gets coverage in the Miami NewTimes. Then the next day, they covered his buddy’s experience with the diet [14].

Recipe Corner

  • Getting medieval with pourcelet farci [15]: suckling pig stuffed with pork, pork liver, egg yolks, brie, and chestnuts. I told you old timey stuff was the best.
  • Chili powder? Check. Ground espresso? Check? Pork ribs? Check. Dry-rubbed espresso chili slow cooker ribs [16] from Feasting on Fitness.

Time Capsule

One year ago (May 2 – May 9)

Comment of the Week

“Insect legs in baked goods really aren’t a big deal. At least they’re cooked thoroughly.”

– Commenter Uncephalized [19].

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