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Weekend Link Love – Edition 140

Old timey stuff in general is great. Old timey fitness stuff? The absolute best. Check out this awesome book on clubbell training [1] from 1908 – “Club swinging for physical exertion and recreation.”

Esther Gokhale is a pleasure to work with, and almost everyone wants to eliminate back pain, but not everyone can make it out to her posture classes. For those folks, the upcoming (available for pre-order [2]) DVD, “Back Pain: The Primal Posture Solution,” will show how to sit, stand, lie, and walk like humans are built to.

Check out Ukraine’s Denis Minin spend a casual day at the playground [3]. Side note: former Eastern bloc states have awesome jungle gyms!

Chef Rachel is offering MDA readers a fantastic deal: order her book, mention MDA or PrimalCon 2011 in the “What prompted you to order?” section of the order form on her site [4], and get a free half hour Cooking Consultation over the phone from the Chef herself. While you’re at it, check out her YouTube channel [5] and blog [6] for recipes, cooking videos, and more.

Here’s a cool infographic [7] showing just what kind of calories have been available to Americans over the years. Notice anything interesting?

Are incredible feats of superhuman strength in times of crisis (mom lifting cars off newborns, etc) really possible? Skeptoid looks into it [8].

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“Mmm, propellant.

– Commenter and Pam enthusiast Riley, from “Dear Mark: Glutathione, Workout Nutrition, Cartilage Regeneration, Pam, and the Best of the Worst.” [13]