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Weekend Link Love – Edition 139

If you’re near Kansas City, Kansas, next weekend, we’ve still got open spots for my upcoming PAST session [1]. I’ll be there and would love to meet you!

“Is Sugar Toxic?” Gary Taubes wonders in the NY Times [2]. The question isn’t totally rhetorical, and it’s a great read.

In another Times piece, another author wonders [3] if sitting is a lethal activity. Again, great that it’s appearing on this scale, but totally unsurprising to our readers.

The NY Times really isn’t fooling around. They asked “What’s the Single Best Exercise?” [4] and came back with a varied response: walking, the squat and HIIT. Applause is in order, I think.

Chef Rachel gave an extensive rundown of her experience at PrimalCon on her blog [5]. She’s hoping to be back next year, and we hope to have her (contingent upon that cashew dip coming too, of course).

Primal Toad is running a great deal [6] on his new Primal Smoothie Recipe e-Book. Blending enthusiasts may want to take notice.

The folks over at Perfect Health Diet have been running a great series on HDL. Their latest [7] is on the importance of raising it smartly in a way conducive to good health, rather than blindly without regard for anything but the number.

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Comment of the Week

“Urban Dictionary Word of the Day for April 6 – net lag

A feeling like jetlag that happens after you use your computer after sunset and the bright backlight tricks your body into thinking it’s still daytime.”

– Reader Allison, via email.