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Weekend Link Love – Edition 134

Posted By Mark Sisson On March 13, 2011 @ 5:00 am In Weekend Link Love | 70 Comments

I’ve always been envious of chimps for their climbing skills, their impressive strength-to-bodyweight ratio, and their ability to bite a man’s face off, but now you can add “penis spine” to that list [7].

The heavyweights who brought you that paper on hunter-gatherer fitness [8] are back with another paper, and they’ve upped the ante [9]. Full paper is free for download.

She may not be Catholic, but Barbeygirl is still giving something up for Lent [10]: Monsanto. Cheers to that.

Don Matesz has been bringing the pain to the raw vegan camp. And by pain, I mean truth. Because the truth hurts only if you’re twisting and turning to avoid it. Read his entire series [11].

70’s Big takes on Vibrams in the weight room [12]. What do you think of his take?

Staring at breasts is good for your health [13]. Experts caution against reading too much into what they are calling a preliminary hypothesis… ah, who am I kidding? Get out there and get healthy!

Recipe Corner

  • Primal Palate appears to have a deep understanding of what makes meat great. Here’s how they’re doing flank steak [14], with (drool-inducing) pictures. See what I mean?
  • What can I say? I love a good pizza approximation. Here’s one [15] for the time-strapped among us, coming from Health Bent.

Time Capsule

One year ago (March 6 – March 12)

Comment of the Week


– Vidad from 6 Sneaky Ways to Work Offal Into Your Diet [18]

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