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Weekend Link Love – Edition 133

Is the military going Primal? They’re sure leaning that way. Kit Up! has a scoop on new Army fitness standards [1] branded as “combat readiness,” much improved from plain old sit ups and 2 mile runs.

I’ve mentioned a New York Times piece almost every week for two months now. This leads me to believe that we may finally be seeing a major shift in CW. This week? Coconut oil is trendy and healthy [2].

Gone Primal, but still whinged into buying bread-product for your offspring? Suburban Mystic Mom explains why the birds around her house are well fed as of late [3].

Paleo’s in the news! Nightline recently ran a feature on “the caveman diet [4].” What is this crazy diet? Tell me more!

Focus. Focus now [5]!

At 5,300 years old, Oetzi has managed to keep his body fairly toned [6]. Must be Primal.

And finally, do you heart eggs [7]?

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One year ago (February 27 – March 5)

Announcement of the Week

PrimalCon 2011 is less than 6 weeks away and there only a few spots remaining. If you need a break and would like to spend three days dining, playing and dancing (yes… there will be dancing) with me and other Primal Blueprinters at a beach resort in California reserve your spot today [12] before it’s too late.

Comment of the Week

An email from a reader…

My fridge died yesterday and my first response was to cook the bacon.