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Weekend Link Love – Edition 13

Posted By Worker Bee On August 31, 2008 @ 8:13 am In Weekend Link Love | 2 Comments

Here are some of our faves from around the net in the last week. Share yours with fellow Apples in the comment boards!

60 in 3 profiles the latest fad diet [7] – one where you limit yourself to under 500 calories a day AND have to give yourself a shot EVERY FREAKIN’ DAY!

Body Recomposition takes a long (it’s a multi-part series but it’s well worth the read) about the hormones that influence body composition [8].

Chris over at Conditioning Research gives his thoughts on the merits of functional training [9].

Blogger Fitarella serves up a guest post that really gets to the bottom of the whole “celebrity diet” trend [10].

Fit Sugar profiles a new tool from the Griffin Prevention Research Center at Yale University that assigns numbers to food so that you can guide your grocery store selections [11]. (Not sure we agree with their rankings, but an interesting concept nonetheless.)

Ever wondered why drug companies were so invested in sending doctors to school? Marketing Overdose profiles a recent drug company disclosure survey [12] that suggests it’s less philanthropic and more a case or well-placed marketing.

MizFitOnline shows you how to clean your kitchen floors and get a rockin’ lower body workout [13].

Pick the Brain teaches us how to better organize our day to improve efficiency [14] (without making yourself crazy!)

That’s Fit
runs a story about a recent U.S. News & World Report story that suggests that many soon-to-be-wed couples are ditching “in sickness and in health” in favor of “in health and in health” [15]

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