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Weekend Link Love – Edition 128

The schnozberries taste like schnozberries, and the blueberries taste like… synthetic approximations of sweetened fruit crunchlets. This won’t come as a surprise to most of you, but Natural News reveals just how few blueberries go into blueberry food products [1].

Speaking of fake foods… Poor Taco Bell just wants to bring affordable, healthy meat-flavored blends to the American masses. And yet, a Montgomery law firm is suing them [2], claiming their “beef” isn’t really beef at all. Taco Bell should have heeded my advice [3]!

Good news for barefooters, Vibrams is finally coming out with a line of winter wear [4]! What say you? Like? Dislike?

Golfers exercise too, or so says Ben Crane [5].

The “Caveman Diet” made ABC’s list of celebrity fad diets this year! Apparently Megan Fox is into evolutionary health? Citation needed. Head over to Hunter-Gatherer for a little analysis on the “Paleo Fad.” [6]

DiGiorno does America a favor and produces a frozen pizza/frozen cookie combo [7]. But where are the french fries, DiGiorno? You almost scored a trifecta!

And finally, do nothing for two minutes [8].

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From my cold, dead hands, Mark Sisson.

@Beam_ad’s Twitter response to The Not So Definitive Guide to Diet Soda [14].