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Weekend Link Love – Edition 126

I was laughing and wincing at the same time reading Hunter-Gatherer‘s analysis of the particular idiocy of a NY Citibank ad featuring gourmet cupcakes [1]. On a positive note, one of the two gourmet cupcake shops here in Malibu recently closed.

Reader Eric sent me this tidbit about where red food dye comes from [2]. And to paraphrase him, “No more Kool-Aid for the vegetarians!”

Four year olds don’t mince words. When Joe’s young son asked him why he was so fat, Joe realized it might be time to make a few changes. Read Joe’s story of transformation here [3].

If you’d like a lesson in the art of tearing apart a scientific study, read Primal Wisdom‘s piece, “Red Meat Gives Women Strokes? No [4].”

Here’s an interesting news segment covering the fattest place on earth [5] (no it’s not America, though our food may be to blame).

For those in the San Francisco Bay area, I’ll be giving a free seminar on taking the Primal Leap [6] in Danville, CA on February 3. Check it out!

And finally, gasp at the horror of meat baby [7].

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Comment of the Week

One of my dearest mentors, Beatrice Wood, lived to 105. She did yoga, threw pottery and swore that the key to a long life was young men and good chocolate right up until the day she went to sleep and never woke up

– Sandra from Monday Musings: Importance and Simplicity of Physical Activity for Oldsters [12]