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Weekend Link Love – Edition 126

Posted By Mark Sisson On January 16, 2011 @ 5:00 am In Weekend Link Love | 36 Comments

I was laughing and wincing at the same time reading Hunter-Gatherer‘s analysis of the particular idiocy of a NY Citibank ad featuring gourmet cupcakes [7]. On a positive note, one of the two gourmet cupcake shops here in Malibu recently closed.

Reader Eric sent me this tidbit about where red food dye comes from [8]. And to paraphrase him, “No more Kool-Aid for the vegetarians!”

Four year olds don’t mince words. When Joe’s young son asked him why he was so fat, Joe realized it might be time to make a few changes. Read Joe’s story of transformation here [9].

If you’d like a lesson in the art of tearing apart a scientific study, read Primal Wisdom‘s piece, “Red Meat Gives Women Strokes? No [10].”

Here’s an interesting news segment covering the fattest place on earth [11] (no it’s not America, though our food may be to blame).

For those in the San Francisco Bay area, I’ll be giving a free seminar on taking the Primal Leap [12] in Danville, CA on February 3. Check it out!

And finally, gasp at the horror of meat baby [13].

Recipe Corner

  • Guess what? Chicken feet! The Wilderness Childe can always be counted on to cook up something you’ve never tried (or possibly have never even heard of). This week she fries up some chicken feet [14].
  • Not quite as unusual, but still as tasty, Purely Primal wants you to make sirloin steaks with parsley and capers [15], and he wants you to bag that steak before you cook it. Bag well, readers.

Time Capsule

One year ago (January 10 – 15)

  • An Open Letter to Taco Bell [16] – Taco Bell is clearly trying to inspire excellence in health through their Frescolution program. I applaud their efforts and have a few humble suggestions for lofty improvement to the pillar of healthy eating that is the Taco Bell menu.
  • To Circumcise or Not To Circumcise [17] – Is circumcision safe? Learn the science and read the debate in what became one of the most controversial MDA posts of last year.

Comment of the Week

One of my dearest mentors, Beatrice Wood, lived to 105. She did yoga, threw pottery and swore that the key to a long life was young men and good chocolate right up until the day she went to sleep and never woke up

– Sandra from Monday Musings: Importance and Simplicity of Physical Activity for Oldsters [18]

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