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Weekend Link Love – Edition 124

Are redheads really the redheaded stepchildren of the world-family? Scientists pop the carrot top to find out what makes gingers tick and what makes them sick [1].

Kevin MD talks facebook, narcisism, and self esteem [2]. What say you readers, would your off-line and on-line selves like each other?

Here’s a fun hack: Steve Maxwell barefootifies his Nikes with a steak knife [3].

Should women use creatine? Charlotte over at The Great Fitness Experiment gives it a try. Read her personal account [4] and chime in with your own opinion.

More on the D-Wars: The Huffington Post covers vitamin D, and how the IOM may be SOL with their IUs for RDA [5].

And finally, I’m not a huge fan of treadmills, but this one is novel [6].

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Comment of the Week

Multitasking is half-assing a bunch of sh** at once!

Carl [11] from 15 Ways to Fight Stress [12]