Weekend Link Love – Edition 120

You may have heard about the incoming report that high levels of vitamin D supplementation is unnecessary. I’d suggest reading Heart Scan Blog‘s version of what the Institute of Medicine should have said. And for those of you who still think D is a good idea, check out this handy infographic on vitamin D.

GrinchHabits? No, Leo Babauta’s blog is called Zen Habits, but he displays all the tender sweetness of a seasick crocodile with his post, The Case Against Buying Christmas Presents. What say you, readers?

Is world health steamrolling toward a calories-per-dollar bottom line? Free the Animal asks the question, “For Paleo to go mainstream, must it be price competitive?

TED (now in Chicago) has another great video this week featuring Jason Fried on why work doesn’t happen at work.

Quail is Primal. But how about quail for an entire month? Here’s an interesting find from Snopes about the impossible-to-win 30-days-of-quail bet.

EasyTone shoes are one thing, but EasyTone flip flops, pants, and sports bras? Reebok is trying to turn you into a human rubber band!

And finally, sacrilicious?

Recipe Corner

  • Have a chorizo burger, courtesy of Health-Bent.
  • Should you eat cake on your birthday? The Food Lover’s Primal Palate thinks so. Though, I have to make air quotes when I call this dark chocolate cake recipe “Primal” as it it does call for an entire cup of maple syrup.

Time Capsule

One year ago (November 28 – December 4)

Comment of the Week

My dog Wesley is the opposite of a morning dog–the only thing that gets him up is the smell of bacon. But forget that evening walk, and he will stare a hole in my head. He’s totally committed to primal eating, but no fan of broccolini.

– Louise D from How to Use the Buddy Effect to Achieve Your Health Goals

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