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Weekend Link Love – Edition 117

Posted By Mark Sisson On November 14, 2010 @ 8:00 am In Weekend Link Love | 45 Comments

Sure, evolution is important to health. But how about business and relationships? Evolvify [7] aims to become a hub for the evolutionary-minded.

Would you rather go skiing or parachuting? Why not do both at the same time [8]! (Warning: video contains both insanity and bliss.)

Happy Meals are sad. And in San Francisco they are very sad now that Happy Meal toys are banned [9].

Some of you may remember Tom Greenwald‘s Primal Blueprint Fitness Video [10] from back in the day (love it for the shot at 2:09 where Tom falls backwards out of a tree and rolls out into a sprint). Tom now has a YouTube channel loaded with exemplary natural fitness videos [11]. If you need some motivation to exercise outdoors, check out his most recent upload.

Are you in the mood for food? The Los Angeles Times challenges conventional wisdom by explaining if and how your mood is actually affected by certain foods [12]. Then read my entirely-legitimate-and-not-even-slightly-satirical interpretation of “The Mood Diet” [13].

And finally, this is what happens [14], Larry.

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Comment of the Week

VERY upset at the choice of name for the ‘Power Glove.’ The REAL Power Glove is perfection incarnate and should NEVER be belittled by having its name placed on a mere SHOE.

– Mike H. from Jumping on the Barefoot Bandwagon [19]

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