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Weekend Link Love – Edition 116

Posted By Mark Sisson On November 7, 2010 @ 8:00 am In Weekend Link Love | 24 Comments

Leangains rolls out an epic post this week: Top 10 Fasting Myths Debunked [7]. Broscience takes a slap to the broface. Follow the post up with Free the Animal‘s warm introduction of Leangains author Martin Berkham [8].

PBS Groks through ages with a pictorial of early humans in pop culture [9]. I love the salaciously intriguing NEANDERTHAL MAN! poster, but how could they leave out Raquel Welch?!

A good sign, folks, a good sign: Poor Cereal Sales Leads to Weak 3rd Quarter For Kellogg [10].

Planche time. What’s a planche? Just an easy exercise everyone can do, right [11]? Learn how.

I thought Skechers Shape-Ups were the zenith of ridiculous footwear [12], but I may have been wrong… The Great Fitness Experiment finds something a tad strange about spring-loaded Gravity Defyer shoes [13].

For adustable-height desk fanatics, Boing Boing reviews the GeekDesk [14].

Recipe Corner

  • Eat Primal [15] is a collection of Primal blogger recipes out there, give it a look-see!
  • Get some tail with Sweat‘s Primal oxtail chili [16]. There’s good, and there’s oxtail good.

Time Capsule

One year ago (October 31 – November 6)

  • Why Grains Are Unhealthy [17] – One of the cornerstones of the Primal Blueprint philosophy. A thorough explanation of how grains work against your body.
  • Life, Rare and Fragile [18] – A now classic post about the certain wonder borne from the improbability of life in the universe.

Comment of the Week

Another reader email:

KFC Double Down Healthier Than a Single Egg Yolk? [19]

Wonder how much those researches made from whomever owns KFC? Seems like a nice tie in to your “can you trust medical research” post.


-Matthew and Julie of Primal Palette [20]

Turns out the researchers weren’t being paid by KFC. They were just being paid by Pfizer to write an opinion supporting the infamous, debunked, half-century old Ancel Keys study (You’ll notice the giant “CONFLICT OF INTEREST” paragraph if you click through to the actual “study [21]“). Then the AOL blogger pulled the KFC headline out of thin air. Boo, AOL. Boo. At least the Australians are getting it right [22].

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